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Foxlidaiton Faq Page

Q1) What is is owned and operated by Vertexa LLC, a Pennsylvania based Limited Liability Company. It is an independent company and does not represent any major retail stores, brands or manufacturers.

Q2) How long will my order take to arrive?

Upon completion of the payment process from your end, your order will be shipped within 5 to 10 business days. Once the order is shipped we will email you details of the shipping company and your tracking number.

Q3) Where can I get a shipping quote?

If you need a shipping quote, please contact our Sales Associates at 888-808-4934. You may also send us an email at or simply visit our website to chat with our representatives. Please specify whether the delivery is to a commercial or residential address and whether you need a lift gate at delivery.

Q4) What is a lift-gate?

A lift gate is attached to the end of the truck, which allows a driver to lower pallet(s) to the ground level.

Q5) Can I visit your warehouse?  Can I inspect merchandise?

Warehouses are not open to the public. All merchandise is palletized and stored on pallet shelving. Merchandise cannot be inspected prior to the delivery.  However, we provide a manifest for each lot which itemizes all items within the lot.

Q6) Do you have any liquidation lots on SALE?

Yes. We offer some liquidation lots on sale. For further details and updates, please visit our ON SALE blog entry.

Q7) Where can I get a list of new liquidation merchandise available for sale?

You can see a list of new liquidation inventory by visiting our New Inventory blog entry.

Q8) How do I place an order?

You can place an order by calling us or using our online shopping cart. Our sales associate will modify your order to include shipping, discounts and other applicable fees and discounts. You will receive your invoice via email, specifying the total due amount. The payment instructions are included on the second page of the invoice.

Q9) How do I pay for the order?

Payment options are explained below:

Bank Wire Invoices can be paid by bank wire. Payment instructions will be emailed to you along with an invoice for the total due.

Bank Deposit We use Wells Fargo Bank. You can deposit your payment into our account at any local Wells Fargo branch, with no service charges. Please let us know when you make a payment as we will then verify and mark your invoice as paid.

Credit Card – you can pay by Credit Card at checkout. We accept all major credit cards Visa, Master Card, Discover and AMEX. A 3% surcharge applies to all Credit Card payments. Note, the shipping cost and a 3% surcharge will be invoiced separately! Approval of the Credit Card is required prior to completion of the order. We do not accept credit cards on orders over $2000.   Orders over $2000 must be paid by bank wire / bank deposit.  We accept domestic credit cards exclusively.   

Credit cards or PayPal payments are not accepted for Customer Returns lots, regardless of the amount.  (please see Customer Returns section below)

Please note, in order to pay by credit card, you will need to complete a Credit Card Authorization Form. Orders without a Credit Card Authorization will not be processed. We reserve a right to refuse some credit card payments. (update 4/15/2014)

Behalf offers short-term financing with flexible repayment terms to small and medium-sized U.S. based businesses. Behalf payments are accepted for purchases of both shelf pull and customer return condition merchandise and have no dollar value restrictions. 

Zelle Payments - We accept Zelle payments exclusively from Wells Fargo bank account holders. There are no fees for Zelle payments, customers must send payment directly to our Wells Fargo account number.

Can I reserve a specific lot? You can reserve a specific lot with a 15% down-payment by credit card or PayPal. All reservations must be done by phone, online chat or email. Note: Deposits are nonrefundable. Note: Due to a high level of fraud, we no longer accept credit card payment from international customers.   International customers can reserve specific lots using PayPal.   All international orders must be paid by bank wire. Note: PayPal payments must be made using PayPal verified accounts.   Unverified PayPal accounts cannot be used. 

Customer Returns Customer returns orders must be paid by bank wire, bank deposit, Behalf or Zelle payment. Credit cards or PayPal payments are not accepted for this category, regardless of the amount. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.   There are no returns, cancellations, claims against this merchandise in this category.   

Q10) How is my order delivered?

Items under our “Small Lots” category are shipped using UPS ground. Regular lots vary from 1 to 3 pallets. Regular lots are delivered on pallets. If you do not have a loading dock, it is highly recommended that you order a lift gate.

Q11)What is the difference in the actual products and their pictures?

Since our website contains stock pictures, you may find variation in size and color of the actual product.

Q12) Can I use stock pictures in my listings or advertising?

Unfortunately, we do not own the rights to the product images used on our site and we cannot grant permission to use these images.   The images are provided for convenience and to help our clients make an informed decision.   Please note, if you use these images you may infringe on the intellectual property rights of the image owner.   Foxliquidation, its partners or subsidiaries cannot protect from any such claims.   Furthermore, you are required to notify any subsequent wholesale buyers of this policy and retain records of this notification for up to one year from the initial purchase.   Please note that violators maybe face fines and legal action.

Q13) What to do if some items are damaged?

Domestic Clients (within USA) For any damaged* merchandise exceeding 5%, you can submit a claim within 5 days of receiving your order. A claim form must be filled out and all required information must be supplied. We require proof such as pictures and may ask you to ship claimed items back to us. Upon review of your claim, we may issue a credit for damaged items that exceed 5%.

International Clients (outside USA) Due to the prohibitively lengthy/expensive shipping and import duties/taxes, international orders cannot be reconciled or adjusted for in terms of payments or product. To avoid paying import duties/taxes and shipping on defective items, please consider using our Zero Defect service. The service includes sieving through all merchandise and removing any items that we define as defective. You will receive credit for defective* items that exceed 5%. Additional fees apply. Please call for details and pricing.

* damaged/defective merchandise includes merchandise that is damaged, missing or mismate.

Customer Returns Please note, claims are accepted only for shelf pulls and seasonal shelf pulls lots. Customer returns are not eligible and claims will not be accepted for customer returned lots. Customer returns may have large number of distressed merchandise. There are no returns, cancellations or claims against merchandise in this category.

Q14) What is the percentage of damaged items in each lot?

Despite varying percentages of damage* in each merchandise lot, typical and acceptable damage remains under 5%. Mostly, these are the fitting-room damages for which 5% considered normal. We do not issue credit or process claims for damaged merchandise within 5% threshold.

Q15) Do you have returns policy?

We believe in fulfilling all our promises, due to which all our policies are devised to ensure that is able to adhere to each of them. Keeping this value in mind, we do not have any customer returns policy at this time.   Note, orders are FINAL.  Orders cannot be cancelled, returned, exchanged or modified. Make sure that all information is correct prior to placing an order. 

Q16) What is the fastest way to enter a UPC code into computer?

In order to minimize processing time and increase efficiency we recommend using a laser barcode scanner. Barcode scanner plugs into a USB port and upon scan will enter UPC code into your computer, as if it was typed manually on the keyboard. Searching for UPC codes is easy in MS Excel, press CNTRL – F and scan the UPC code. We recommend this barcode scanner which can be purchased on Amazon for under $50.

Note, our manifests do not contain leading zero’s. Scanner will read entire UPC code, including leading zero numbers. You may need to edit a scanned UPC code by deleting leading zeros.





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