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Wholesale Liquidations 101 -- Choosing Liquidation Lots for your Business

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Liquidation merchandise can help you grow your business and your profits, provided you use and purchase it in the right way. Our wholesale designer clothing and accessory lots are designed with the boutique retailer or online seller in mind and offer just the right mix of product and sizes. Learning more about how wholesale liquidators work will help you choose the right items for your venture.

Types of Liquidation Merchandise

In general, wholesale lots can be divided in three parts; shelf pulls, seasonal shelf pulls (also known as “jobouts”) and customer returns. While shelf and seasonal pulls are new and quality merchandise, customer returns may be soiled or damaged, and not useful for resale.At we are committed to offering only the best quality merchandise, so we do not include customer returns in our lots. We sell only shelf pulls and seasonal shelf pulls, so you know you’re getting the very best inventory available.

Where does the merchandise come from?

When big retailers like department stores and specialty shops need to move excess merchandise, they turn to us. Removing unsold or out of season merchandise allows stores to make room for new inventory, clearing Christmas items out in January and making room for cruise wear and Valentine’s Day offerings.This removing and replacing of stock happens year round, as the seasons change and as new lines pour in. As wholesale liquidators, we pull the items from the shelves, and send it to our warehouse locations where it is inspected and sorted into lots for you, the reseller.

How is the merchandise prepared for sale?

Once we’ve received the merchandise, we work hard to sort it into appealing lots that work for the business reseller. From high end wholesale bedding to name brand shoes and designer wholesale clothing, the individual merchandise is gathered into resale friendly lots.

Each lot is packaged onto a pallet or pallets for easy shipping. Shrink-wrap holds the lot securely in place, protecting it from damage and keeping everything secure as the lot travels. Small lots of up to 3 pallets can be shipped via UPS, while we can make freight arrangements for larger or multiple lots.

Many of our clients are luxury boutiques and busy online retailers, selling on eBay, Amazon and on their own websites. Working with wholesale lots allows these independent sellers to plan inventory flow and marketing efforts, and target specific customer groups. More information on growing your business with wholesale lots is available here (link to piece).

The Importance of the Manifest

How do we differ from other liquidators? In addition to offering only shelf pulls and seasonal pulls, and not questionable customer returns, we offer our buyers a comprehensive manifest. When we receive merchandise, we scan it into our inventory system, using the items UPC code. When we package up a lot for sale, the brand name, size, color and more is listed on a manifest. A lot of wholesale shoes, for example, would include the name brand, style, color and size of each included pair. You can see the manifest list before you purchase, so you know exactly what items are included and what to expect.

The Dangers of Unmanifested Lots

A wholesale liquidation lot is no bargain if you can’t use what is in it. Buying a lot simply labeled “shoes” is a big gamble, and you may end up with merchandise your customers don’t want and won’t buy. The only way to be sure that the merchandise including in your lot is sellable and worth including in your inventory is to view the manifest. We know how important it is to your small business to spend every dollar wisely, so every lot at has a complete and comprehensive manifest with no surprises.

Getting Started:

Browse our inventory of luxury and brand name wholesale lots online, and view the actual manifests of included items. Once you’ve decided which lot or lots you want, contact us to complete your purchase. Your items will ship to you promptly, and you add them to your inventory. Need more of a specific category of item? No problem – we take in new lots all the time, so there are always name brand wholesale clothing lots ready for you when you need them. Start growing your business – and maximize your profits – by visiting us today at



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