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A retailer exposes the dirty secret of online retail

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When you do your online shopping chances are high that your first stop is Amazon. Let's go down the list of reasons for this you've got convenience, prime free shipping, ships fast, and the best deal. Now let's stop and examine this last reason in closer detail and see how well it stands up to scrutiny. The fact is that Amazon does frequently have the best deal, but there is a catch. Since Amazon's pricing is continually fluctuating, it may not be the best deal online at the time of your purchase. Consumers now have a variety of price tracking tools at their disposal to help to navigate this confusing maze of smoke and mirrors that online retail now presents. Sites such as CamelCamelCamel, Honey, Slickdeals, wikibuy, there's even one for video gamers called CheapShark. If you have never used one of these sites, it may be surprising just how frequently and dramatically these prices change.

Take for example, this basic search for a Michael Kors handbag on CamelCamelCamel. You can see from the graph the pricing takes a huge dip during the holiday period in late 2017 and then skyrockets back to a new high price of $252.61 by late winter of 2018, a swing of over $100 in a matter of weeks.

This can be quite frustrating for consumers, and having to make a price comparison for every purchase is very time-consuming. Remember the old days when retailers prices did not change so frequently, and they did the legwork of price comparison shopping for you then published it in tv ads and flyers? Those days may be gone, but there is one retailer out to expose this little secret of online retail. Zulily, a flash sale site, announced recently that they would be rolling out a price comparison tool that will track both Amazon and Walmart's pricing and display it against their own. Now, this is interesting because this is not a third party monitoring these price changes but a direct retail competitor, and it's being done in real-time. As much as sites like Amazon and Walmart want you to believe that they have the best price every day, it is simply not the case, and it's becoming a whole lot harder to ignore this fact with all the tools at a consumer's disposal. What is the takeaway here? Consumers need to shop around for the best deal these days, until these wild pricing swings hopefully settle down as shoppers catch on to the game. Independent retailers like our readers should not fear these tools because they do a phenomenal job of exposing a fundamental truth that third-party sellers like you are frequently the best deal out there without all the pricing games.

You don't play pricing games, and neither does Foxliquidation, who offers a great product at a great price that you can count on to deliver the best goods at the best price every day.

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