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What you need to know about eBay’s Fall Seller update

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Yes fall is here and with it eBay’s fall seller update. It’s a laundry list of tweaks, additions and a few features are getting the boot like Turbo Lister: we are here to give you just the pertinent need to know facts about the changes.

Product identifiers- eBay is pushing hard on adding product identifiers. Does not apply or NA will no longer be available in most categories by late winter 2017. On the plus side here the range of acceptable product identifiers will be expanding to include Amazon standard identification numbers, google product identifiers and seller generated product identifiers. Some of the reasoning behind this is to standardize listings and eliminate some of the massive confusion created by lack of product identifiers. Have you ever tried to do a price comparison with an eBay listing and another retail site? It can be very frustrating even knowing if you are comparing the same item without these identifiers.

Replacements and exchanges- item damaged or lost in transit and don’t want to lose a sale for an item you have multiples of? Now not an issue starting in October you will be able to offer under your return options money back or replace and or money back and exchange hopefully reducing some of those lost sales.

Active content is getting the axe!- What is active content and why are they getting rid of it? Have you ever embedded a video in your listing to demonstrate your item? Are your listings loaded with flash features? By June of 2017 these features will all be prohibited. The main reason behind this is the explosion of mobile device usage many of these features are not compatible with mobile devices sometimes slowing or preventing a detail page from loading hurting your sales.

Turbo lister is out seller hub is in- Bad news for turbo lister users eBay will be phasing out this feature by June of next year and in its place comes the seller hub. This is the shiny new interface launched back in the summer that takes the place of other site features like selling manager and adds some new bells and whistles like business performance analytics.

Seller performance standards- eBay will extend a grace period of three months to sellers who fall below standard in seller performance. Buyers will be given detailed specifics on corrective measures that need to be taken and selling limits will not be impacted during the grace period as long as your performance shows improvement. This grace period will be extended on a month to month basis as long as performance levels improve.

Category changes- although not earthshattering several changes will be made to multiple categories of particular note is clothing, shoes & accessories several new category additions such as swimwear, vests, bibs and slips and petticoats.

Fee changes- Don’t panic! Unless you use the reserve option on your auction listings this is going up to the greater of $3 or 4%. eBay Is not a fan of this feature because they claim it discourages bidding so rather than discontinue they are raising the price to discourage its use.

Keep your eye on these changes and see how they will impact your business. It always pays off to get ready ahead of time! Don’t procrastinate, start getting ready now!



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