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What should you be selling spring/summer 2020 edition

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We are now just a few weeks into the new year, and you may be forgiven for not turning your attention to the upcoming spring/summer season just yet, but be aware it’s coming and sooner than you might think. January, as we have previously mentioned, is a transition month. It’s the time to review your current inventory and sales and determine whether you want to switch over now to spring/summer or perhaps ride the winter wear for a few more weeks. No matter what you decide, now is the time to start planning. Toying with the idea of experimenting with some new categories this year? It’s the ideal time to do it, and you have a bit of breathing room between the holidays and the spring rush to do your homework, but where to start? What should you consider selling, and are there any seasonal opportunities that you should be aware of? The answer is yes, and we will cover them all in this what you should be selling spring 2020 edition.

Swimwear- The ever-popular swimwear category is about to come into prime season. Swimwear season starts a lot earlier than many would expect(February-March) and ends around the end of September. That’s a whole lot of time to cash in on some strong sales for a category wrongly perceived as having a short window of opportunity. The early shopper will reap the rewards as the best inventory is usually snatched up quickly, if you are considering swimwear this season get shopping and loading your inventory now so you will be ready for the first wave of seasonal sales.

Click here for Ladies Swimwear

Men’s Designer- Men’s designer as a category remains red hot. The designer casual look has only gotten hotter and sales of the high dollar, high margin casual wear are keeping many liquidation sellers firmly in the black. One of the big advantages of this category is that lots can start a few dozen pieces or less, so it gives you some flexibility to pick and choose lots with the best style and brand mix for your clientele.

Click here for Men’s Designer

Ladies Designer/ High-End Designer- Demand remains strong for Ladies Designer and High-End Designer fashion in 2020. Again, it’s a case of quality over quantity as consumers are giving the cold shoulder to the fast-fashion names and electing to splurge instead on some higher quality pieces.

Click here for Ladies Designer or click here for High End Designer

Closeout Luggage- spring is the peak season for luggage sales. Consumers are starting to plan for that summer vacation and maybe realizing that their current suitcase may not last one more battle with baggage handlers. Stock up on luggage now and remember shop local and bulk up your orders, two to three lots at a time as inventory is limited, and there are savings on shipping when purchasing multiple pallets from the same location.

Click here for closeout luggage

Ladies plus size- A perennial favorite, plus size, continues to enjoy a strong demand with profitable margins. Remember, with plus size go for those lots with large quantities of 3x and 4x sizes, these are some of the sizes in most demand. Retailers tend to keep smaller amounts of these on hand, making them more desirable. With the continuing shrinkage of leading brick and mortar chains that specialize in plus size, expect to see further growth in the secondary market.

Click here for Ladies Plus Size

Ladies shoes- Shoes never go out of fashion or demand for that matter. With spring around the corner, push your remaining winter Heels and boots out or put them into storage and whip out the sandals, open toe heels, and, very importantly, the go-to comfort option the sneakers.

Click here for Ladies Shoes



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