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We highlight this week some old features and some new features of

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Today we are going to spotlight two valuable tools our site offers and to explain what they do and how to use them to your best advantage. The first is something old, but if used properly, can be an invaluable tool to lock down that merchandise you need. The second is something new to the site, and it’s a great way to get advance notice of what will be coming down the pipeline at

The Reserve Option

 You have probably seen it a hundred times on our emails and at our checkout page. Simply type RESERVE in the coupon box to do a 15% deposit and secure your lot. Now there are a lot of good reasons for considering a deposit for your order. First and foremost, once you complete the deposit the lot is on lockdown, no need to frantically rush to the bank to wire or deposit that payment. You can simply and leisurely deposit the remainder of your payment the next day.

Want more reasons to use the RESERVE option? Want a simple way to help pay for that next vacation? Use your rewards card to rack up some serious points by making a deposit for each of those orders over the $2000 credit card limit.

Deposits made by credit card, debit or PayPal are not charged our standard 3% processing fee, so there’s no additional cost for putting your next load on lockdown. If this is your first purchase with then we strongly encourage you to complete and submit the Credit Card Authorization Form and your reseller’s certificate or the Uniform sales & Use Tax Exception/Resale Certificate prior to placing your order. Reservations cannot be made until both documents are received. One last friendly reminder be absolutely sure of that purchase before putting that deposit down because deposits are non-refundable.

Incoming Inventory List 

Not to geek out too much here but this next feature is the equivalent of getting to see the upcoming Marvel Studios release a month in advance. The Incoming inventory list is a sneak peek preview of lots currently in our warehouse but not yet available for purchase. These can include lots that are not currently in season or simply not posted because of an excess of available lots. Wouldn’t you just love to be the first to see some new merchandise in categories like Children’s Clothing before the late summer back to school rush? Well now you can, just start watching that incoming inventory list. Purchases for lots found on the incoming inventory list need to be processed manually; please contact to verify availably and to make a purchase.



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