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Fashion trend update Women’s Designer

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The only constant in life is change; this is particularly true of fashion, and change in women’s designer fashion these days moves at lightning speed. This year designer fashion has gotten very, very colorful whether it’s floral prints, animal or plaids they are very loud and proud this year. 2018 has also seen a lot of callbacks to looks spanning the 70’s to the 90’s from vintage-inspired faux furs, leather jackets and skirts, furry hats and other vintage looks. It’s clear 2018 has gone old-school in a lot of significant ways. So let’s dissect a few of the critical trends this year and explain what your clients in the know want from their designer fashions this year.

Colorful prints are a must- Prints are everywhere in 2018 and as we motioned earlier, very eye-catching. Floral and geometric patterns are big, but also animal prints in some traditional and nontraditional shades. These vibrant prints can be seen on anything ranging from dresses, tops, jackets, and scarves. The approach to the print look is to keep it grounded with one solid colored item which pulls even the wildest mix together into a cohesive and flattering outfit.

Some old school inspiration- Vintage inspired fashions are big in 2018 the revival of the animal print and oversized faux furs can trace their roots to the 1970’s. Looks like the broad shoulder jacket that was so popular in the mid-eighties has resurfaced as well as the leggings and flared pants of the same era. 90’s fashion fans will have something to cheer about this year as well with some favorites from that era getting fresh updates, from the windbreaker to the cargo pant also the bold logo look that dominated the late 90’s can once again be seen on prominent display.

Long and layered- Long flowing garments offering virtually full body coverage is a big trend to watch for in late fall/winter of 2018. Look for calf length jackets, capes, and other flowy garments to be in big demand this winter season. What did mom tell you every winter? Dress in layers its cold outside! And this fall/winter mom was very right, look for the layered look to be prevalent in the second half of 2018 when the chill is in the air.

Clothes so fabulous they shine and sparkle!- This fall season opted for glossy over matte finish for certain with the widespread use of latex, leather, sequins and other materials that offer that extra shine to give their garments that wow factor.

What to accessorize with this season- so you created that stunning outfit now to those accessories what are those needed final finishing touches? Big belts, as well as long belts, are a must. Accessories that match in color or pattern to the outfit are also a big plus. Sunglasses can fit this matching bill easily but remember bigger is better think bug or cat eye with sunglasses these days. Another accessories trend with a lot of heat this fall is the printed silk scarf worn on the neck, head or simply just tied onto your purse for added decoration.

It’s clear that 2018 designer fashion while it may be reminiscent of years past, it certainly has gotten a very colorful update.

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