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Financial freedom...how to get started.

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I want to take this opportunity to address the newcomers to FoxLiquidation and ask you a simple question: what brought you here today? No, it’s not Google or Yahoo! I don’t mean that, I mean why are you really here?

These days everybody is looking for a way to earn an extra buck or two and let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to earn a few extra dollars in their spare time? Do you have a job but need a little extra money or perhaps your homebound caring for a family member?

Whatever your reason is, you are not alone. We encounter people just like you all the time those with the entrepreneurial spirit and some drive. Some of our most successful clients started out selling just like you. If I could give you, a newcomer, just one piece of advice it’s this; you can do this, it’s not too good to be true and yes you can make money selling liquidation merchandise. Starting any endeavor can be a daunting task, starting your own business is no different but don’t be intimidated, it’s not difficult as long as you are persistent. Do you have a smartphone and a computer? Heck these days all you need is your smartphone really. Next do you have a few basic skills like being able to take a photo, write an accurate description, price an item and pack it? If so, then what’s holding you back? Is it time? You can do it anytime you have a few spare minutes! Money? This is no real obstacle we have wholesale lots to fit virtually any budget. Sometimes it’s just a matter of taking that first step and building up your confidence to move forward. Afraid of making mistakes? Sure it’s only natural we are all afraid to make mistakes but don’t let this hold you back. Robert F Kennedy summed up failure beautifully “Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” Don’t ever let that fear hold you back from achieving your goals! With internet sales growing every year, now is the time to get off the fence and make your dreams happen. 

How Much Time Should You Invest In Blogging

Managing a wholesale apparel business takes a lot of time. But in spite of this, many entrepreneurs would spend considerable time in blogging. Its part of their marketing strategy and it’s a good one too. In fact, blogging plays a key role in branding the clothing line, and it informs the customers and potentials about [...]

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Best Footwear for a Rainy Summer Day

The summer is a relief from the cold winter months. But it can rain hard this time of the year. So what’s needed is a nice and comfortable pair of shoes for the rain. It can feel awkward trying to find suitable footwear when it rains in the summer. Rain boots are mostly ruled out [...]

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Wholesale Shoes – The "Dos" of Selling Shoes Online That You Buy from FoxLiquidation.com

FoxLiquidation.com stocks a lot of wholesale goods. You’ll find wholesale shoes, ladies swimwear, clothing items for men and women, leggings, coats, accessories, towels, jewelry and more. Get what you need and sell it from your store – offline or online. Of course, online retailing will give you the freedom of offering any product anytime and to anyone. The beauty of [...]

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Wholesale Shoes Trends Update

Trends in  wholesale shoes always get influenced by the latest innovations and designs from top designers. There will always be some hits and a few misses. So be prepared for this. But don’t lose your desire to supply your consumers with low priced designer fashions. Shoppers are always looking for high-end designer products at low prices. It’s become a mantra [...]

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Right Choice of Wholesale Shoes to Earn Money

There are just two ways to profit from online or offline retailing. You can either sell at a premium to make more from each unit, or you can sell more units by offering your products at affordable prices. Of course, you’ll agree that the first approach is more difficult, as more people have price resistance.If you are into shoes, [...]

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What is the average womens shoe size in US?

As a retailer, you have to know your clients and their sizes.   Don't worry we got you covered.   According to our statistical analysis, USA TODAY and TIME MAGAZINE average womens shoe size in United States is size 8. The most popular shoe size is also the most sold and sought after womens shoe size.Here is an [...]

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Wholesale Flip Flops

Wholesale Flip Flops We wholesale flip flops and other shoes styles for spring and summer. Our wholesale shoe lots contain a variety of flip flops from famous designers found in upscale department stores. Cole Haan, Stuart Weitzman, Kate Spade, Tracy Reese Michael Kors, Guess, Ralph Lauren are just some of the famous flip flops designers you can find [...]

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Are you selling branded quality shoes?

Wholesale Shoes Are you a boutique, specializing in branded quality shoes? Or do you have a successful business selling products on eBay and other online platforms? If the answer to either is ‘Yes’, then we have the business solution for you! The first step to success is optimizing your sales, and making a profit, which requires either lowering your costs, or finding [...]

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