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Wholesale Plus Size Clothing, Is Plus-Size Clothing the New Average Size?

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Wholesale Plus Size Clothing

SizeUSA recently carried out a survey of body measurements on 10,000 people in 13 cities across the US. This study was sponsored by textile and clothing businesses, many universities, and the US Army and Navy. A 3-d scanner was used for taking the body measurements. Results of this survey were published on The New York Times. It tells us a few new things.

The average size for American women is now 14, which was the cutoff for Plus-Sized Clothing after World War II. It’s different for men too. The average size for men has been 40 Regular. However it is now 44. The study reported variations between different ethnic/racial groups.

So what are the different groups saying about this study?

Fashion industry editors are saying that the traditional 40 Regular for men is now between 36 and 45. Women between 36 and 45 are averaging between 41 and 43.

Though the averages have gone up, according to the SizeUSA survey, but a majority of men and women in the country don’t believe that they are overweight. 38% women surveyed said that they were “about the right weight”. Only 21% agreed that they were overweight. For men, this is even lower at 10%.

Of course, clothing manufacturers are aware of this trend. CBS 60-Minutes came out with a report recently where it was revealed that clothing manufacturers have been designing and constructing larger-sized apparel for the heavier market. But they have been labeled down from commonly accepted sizes. Clearly the surveyed adults have distorted self-perceptions. But the clothing designers and manufacturers are not taking any chance. They are going easy on the egos of their customers so that their clothing lines are marketable.

Impact for Your Business

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