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Utilize the toolbox this holiday season

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Are you the type that is not afraid to tackle any home improvement project? Leaky sink? No problem. It’s a breeze that takes you just minutes to fix! How about remodeling your bathroom? Also, no problem. You can bang that out in just a weekend! You’re a master at any repair or renovation job because you don’t mess around, and you know what you’re doing with your tools.

November is upon us, and it’s getting close to the peak selling season. This is going to be another busy one, and your time is precious. You have to utilize every tool at your disposal to keep your business running at peak performance. Remember, there’s a ton to do. You have to focus your efforts on getting your merchandise selling and out the door. So this week, we want to take just a few minutes to review some of the essential tools that Foxliquidation has to offer to make your life easier and your sales very profitable during this holiday season.

  1. Inventory alerts- If you’re not using them, get them set up ASAP this is one of the best tools to give you the up to the minute update on new merchandise arrivals. In peak holiday season lots fly out, so you have to move quickly to secure the best merchandise. Not sure how to set up these alerts? Just watch our tutorial video here.
  • 2.Shipping quote- It’s easy, just a click of a button, and add your address to request a shipping quote via email. You can request a single quote on any lots detail page or request a quote for multiple lots by adding the lots to your cart and requesting a quote at checkout. This is a great way to receive a quote when your shopping after hours or don’t have time to call during business hours. Need help using the quote? Just watch or tutorial video here.
  • 3.The mighty helpful manifest- Our manifests are simply loaded with useful information such as stock images of the items and filters that allow you to sort by brand, price, size, and a variety of other options to make sure you are getting the lot that best suits your needs. Need more info on navigating the manifests? Just watch or tutorial video here.
  • 4.Reserve and relax!- If your shopping for high demand categories this season, be smart and use the reserve option. This is an excellent tool for securing those higher dollar purchases that exceed our credit card limit. Simply type RESERVE in the coupon code box at checkout to secure your purchase with a 15% deposit that can be made by any major credit or debit card. Need more info on reservations and other recent additions to the foxliquidation toolbox, click on the link here.

Our goal at Foxliquidation is to make this holiday season your best ever, so utilize our tools to make your profits soar.

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