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One retailer's LOSS is another retailer's GAIN

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Retailers accustomed to buying from a wholesaler or manufacturer may not see the value of purchasing liquidation. These retailers are closing the door on a highly lucrative source of heavily discounted merchandise for their business. So where does this industry bias spring from? Mainly from the perception that if one retailer already got rid of it then why would any other retailer want it? Let me tell you a little secret about retail, big or small, everyone makes inventory mistakes either by overordering or underordering key items and the bigger the company, the bigger the mistakes can be. But this does not mean the items are not desirable!

Let’s take a look at a hypothetical, a pair of women’s jeans. What’s the mean waist size of a 20 + year old woman in the united states? According to the CDC’s vital health and statistics report of 2016 its just over 37 inches. Most Retailers traditionally stock most heavily sizes ranging between a 27 and a 35-inch waist. That hypothetical pair of jeans if less than a 37-inch waist now stands a good chance of not finding a home. Starting to understand why you can never find a pair of jeans that fit? But wait, the waters are about to get even muddier, have you ever heard of vanity sizing? It sounds just like what it is, an arbitrary size scale meant to flatter an unknowing consumer. This is a fairly commonplace practice because manufactures do not have to abide by any sizing regulations in the United States. So what are we left with? A frustrated consumer who cannot find a pair of jeans that fit and a retailer with too many jeans that don’t fit the consumers that shop in their stores. You see these big retail chains have another problem, they have to rely on a very localized consumer base and they do not have the data they need to know exactly how many of each size jean they need for a particular store, essentially leaving them to make an educated guess. In addition, traditional retailers have a pipe line of incoming inventory and limited store space. If inventory is not sold in time, they have to clear it out to make room for new incoming inventory. All of this unsold inventory gets packed in a box and shipped off to a distribution center and then to the liquidators like 

So what is ultimately wrong with that hypothetical pair of jeans? Other than they did not fit a small pool of consumers in the vicinity of that particular store location? Nothing! Do you as an independent retailer know about the sizes that your customers demand and the ins and outs of navigating vanity sizing? Of course you do! You are in the trenches every day, and you know your customer a heck of a lot better than your big chain competitors. So what is stopping you from cashing in on your competitions mistake?

At we offer liquidation lots that are geared towards special sizes such as plus and petite. A note about petite, petite does not mean small, it means short. So many of our petite lots actually contain plus sizes for short customers. Many of our customers are pleasantly surprised to find a variety of Plus sizes in petite lots, which is a niche in itself, The Petite Plus Size.  

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