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Returns+Pickups= More Customers

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Earlier this year, we took a closer look at the growing trend of retailers accepting returns. Not just accepting returns from their stores but from other mostly online retailers who may not have a physical presence In that particular consumer's area. Consumers want fast and easy returns, and the more options they have to make returns, the better. in the article, we looked at the partnership of Amazon and Kohl's and how the program of accepting Amazon returns at Kohl's locations significantly benefitted the retailer by driving up instore sales. It stands to reason; a consumer makes an Amazon purchase goes to Kohl's to return it, then figures I'm here might as well do a bit of shopping while I am out.

Major retailers are also starting to embrace the flow of traffic in the opposite direction as well. A diverse assortment of retailers like CVS, Walgreens, Michaels, and Advance Auto Parts have in the last few years begun to accept and hold deliveries shipped by other retailers. They are doing it for many of the same reasons as those accepting returns. It brings customers into their doors who may spend some dollars shopping while picking up their other purchases.

Some consumers may feel a bit wary about picking up their new iPhone at a third-party retailer, such as the local drugstore, but there are some significant benefits. They do not have to be present to sign for a high dollar delivery, and there is no risk of the package being lifted from their doorstep by some random passerby in the event the item does not require a signature. The primary selling point to your average consumer is the peace of mind, plus it's a great way to keep that special birthday or holiday gift a secret until the time is right.

This is a trend that everyone in online retail benefits from even independent retailers like our readers. It is an added convenience factor for online shoppers to suit their shopping needs better and at the same time, costs the seller nothing. More convenience means more likely to spend.

One last note for our Foxliquidation customers, you too, can benefit when shopping for your liquidation needs. When shopping for smaller wholesale lots that are shipped ground service, you have the option of picking up from any designated FedEx delivery location like participating Walgreens locations. Rates for delivery to commercial addresses such as these are significantly lower than residential deliveries, and you never have to worry about missing a delivery ever again. 

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