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What to expect in 2017…

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As the holiday season draws to a close now is the time to take a deep breath and relax but not for too long. Shopping after the holiday season has become as much of a tradition as black Friday and the preholiday rush. People armed with receipts and gift cards are trying to cash out on those ugly sweaters they got and finally get what they really wanted for the holidays. So what should you expect from the start of 2017? How do you prepare and what sort of things do you need to be aware of happening in the new year?

  • The light may be turning yellow but…- Don’t expect November or December numbers but they are by no means stopping. Now is a good time to evaluate your current inventory and supplement it incrementally.
  • Shipping rates are going up- Rate increases from all the major carriers are coming down the pipeline in 2017 expect to see an average of 3-4% increase in costs by the end of January.
  • Start pepping for spring- Yes its January but that does not stop consumers from starting to stock up on spring fashions early. Pay particular attention to categories like active wear and swimwear. January is prime time for selling sports and active wear with so many people making those new year’s resolutions to stay healthy.
  • Weather can affect your sales- if you are an online retailer well then hope for cold weather and snow because online sales are positively affected by inclement weather. Inclement weather can add a 10-12% increase to your sales according to several studies tracking consumer behavior. Own a brick and mortar retail store? Well then the exact opposite is true, temperature also plays a big role unseasonably warm weather can greatly improve sales to brick and mortar retailers.
  • Explore your options- now that things have calmed down a bit it’s a good time to plan out those long term objectives you may have been putting on the back burner during the holiday rush. Been planning on developing your own website or perhaps exploring other sales channels? Now is the time to get this done and start up some new revenue streams.  



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