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End of the Month SALE!

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Small lots

End of the month SALE on small lots!

-Free People Movement and intimates.

-Free Shipping to the lower 48 states

-Brand New in plastic bags with UPC

-all lots are manifested

Use coupons at checkout:

-5% off small lots, coupon code: Y4YJ912OW1

-10% off small lots $1,000+, coupon code: JWHOZK62SVA2

-15% off small lots $1,500+, coupon code: UIGQXA3CY9Y39

-20% off small lots $2,000+, coupon code: UZ71J3EHC

*Larger discounts are available for $5+ orders. Contact us for details.

-Regular lots are 5% OFF, must contact us by email prior to placing an order to receive this discount.

*Limited time offer.

Utilize the toolbox this holiday season

Are you the type that is not afraid to tackle any home improvement project? Leaky sink? No problem. It’s a breeze that takes you just minutes to fix! How about remodeling your bathroom? Also, no problem. You can bang that out in just a weekend! You’re a master at any repair or renovation job because you don’t mess around, and [...]

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The video guide to

First-time visitors to foxliquidation are often left wondering where do I begin? It’s a common concern, with dozens of categories and thousands of lots to choose from it can be quite daunting to know where to start. We have covered in our tutorial videos some of the most frequently asked questions which can be found here, but for the first time [...]

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A must-read for the consignment store owner.

Consignment shops have gone mainstream to US consumers and the days of the upturned nose at the thought of second-hand merchandise is a thing of the past. It’s difficult to pinpoint a date or single factor for this change In US consumers opinion of consignment, but there is a lot of evidence that the recession of 2008 may have been [...]

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Are you an overseas entrepreneur looking for a reliable source of merchandise? Then read on...

Are you a business owner maybe a retailer or importer looking for a reliable source of high quality merchandise? If so, you have come to the right place, at FoxLiquidation we specialize in servicing global markets. We know you have many questions: Are we servicing your country? How are the goods shipped? How long does it take [...]

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Few common questions before your first order.

So you found Fox Liquidation and you like what you see. Whether you are an experienced retailer or perhaps a novice entrepreneur just looking to get started, we have the goods that you need for your business. But then the big question is, how does this work? We get this all the time and this one question usually leads [...]

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Poshmark is it time to take another look?

Poshmark the fun and simple way to buy fashion… But is it the place to sell fashion? Until recently its focus has been the casual consumer who is also looking to thin out their closet a bit by selling on the side. Many might consider posting everything via their phone, convenient if you’re just selling one or two items [...]

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10 reasons how e-commerce can change your life

At times it’s a good idea to take a step back and see the big picture. So let’s step back from the daily grind for a minute and ask ourselves a simple and important question why sell online in the first place? Now if you’re a beginner and have yet to decide if now is the right time to [...]

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Yet another costly glitch from the eBay, PayPal dynamic duo

Regular readers of our blog may get the impression that we have it in for eBay but quite the opposite, it’s a great site but with every great site comes a few problems and to be quite frank eBay is the industry leader in site glitches. Frankly I am running out of ways to say eBay has had [...]

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Amazons fight on fraud is changing the third party marketplace

So it may come as no surprise to the reputable third party sellers on Amazon that fraud has become rampant on the site. Knockoffs, fly by night scam operations all sorts of different cons to separate an unsuspecting customer from their cash. It’s a troubling trend but frankly it’s to be expected with the ease of use of the [...]

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