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Seasonal category spotlight swimwear

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Retailers know and understand the critical importance of timing. As any good retailer will tell you, with seasonal categories, you have to start early and end punctually to avoid loss of sales and the heartache of overstock. The main appeal of seasonal categories is that it’s added revenue and flexibility; it’s a window of opportunity which you can capitalize on for a few months and then move on. At this point, you can then choose to work on another seasonal category or simply ramp up your businesses core category. Adding seasonal categories means adding revenue throughout the year, which is especially crucial during those often unavoidable and unexplainable lulls in your core business sales.

Each year we highlight our seasonal categories, and this year we are kicking it off with one of the dark horse categories swimwear and explain why it should not be passed over this upcoming season.

Swimwear as a category is perfect for any type of reseller, its small and light, easy to store, and cheap to ship to your customers plus with retail prices as high as $150-$200 SRP costing you $10-$12 per unit quite profitable as well.

When does it start?- Swimsuit season begins in March; retailers will soon break out the one-pieces and tankinis and start stocking their shelves, and so should you. Shop as early as possible to secure the best merchandise and get those items prepped and ready for resale.

Critical midseason period- retailers like to entice shoppers into buying new swimwear around the Memorial Day holiday, this is when you will see the first of the big swimwear sales. Be amply stocked up by this time to cash in on the uptick in demand.

June and July peak season- forget sales and discounts this month this is when every retailer is charging top dollar because it’s peak season and peak demand.

September close up shop- September is the end of the season, discount, and blowout your excess inventory, but hang onto those premium items such as your high dollar one-piece suits for next season.

Selling seasonal categories means added revenue at times you need them the most. So do not pass up one of the most profitable in the apparel game, the swimwear category.

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