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The international option that does not cost an arm and a leg

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The internet has changed the way we shop. The world today is now one vast marketplace, and resellers such as our readers can reach customers on every continent of the globe. The one big problem is there are not a lot of inexpensive options to do this, and as a US-based seller, you may justifiably feel limited to selling to the US market. Some resale platforms like eBay offer international shipping aids such as their global ship program which is a good solution. Simply ship the goods to a US-based processing center, and you’re done they handle the rest. The only problem with this option is it can be expensive for your customer and may deter some potential sales. Want an inexpensive and reliable alternative but are convinced that one does not exist? Well, then you need to check out the fine print on the US Postal Services Frist Class Package International service. I can hear the comments already first-class mail forget it! 99% of my items weigh over a pound. That may be true but do 99% of your items weigh over 4 pounds?

There are a few essential things you need to know about this service and how and when to utilize it properly to resell your goods. First, know that Frist Class Package International’s weight limit is 4 pounds. Second combined length, width, and height of your package need to be 36 inches or less. Third that you can ship item’s with insurance and tracking to a wide array of countries and last there is a $400 value cap of the items that can be sent using this service. This service is slower than your international priority options, but it’s also a lot cheaper than these and even cheaper to your end customer than eBays global ship program. Are you worried about filling out international forms? There’s only a one-page sheet that you have to sign, that’s it!

When should you offer this service? When you are shipping small, light, and inexpensive items. Think categories like clothing, intimates, jewelry, swimwear, and accessories. Offering this low-cost option will make these items far more appealing to overseas markets, it may be slower, but if it will save your customer some money, most are willing to wait. Don’t use this service for high dollar or fragile items; it’s not worth the added risk or aggravation instead choose one of the faster options.

It’s a global market, and if you want to reach it, you have to utilize all the tools at your disposal to achieve this. Foxliquidation has the knowledge, tools and the goods you need to succeed in the resale world. 

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