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Blog - Holiday Season

We said it before and will say it again, the holidays do not end in December.

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We have now reached mid-December and peak holiday selling season madness. I know your probably fed up with packing and processing orders, so much so that the mere sight of a tape gun makes you sick but hang in there you're doing great, and there are a lot more sales out there to be had. Now it's almost a holiday season tradition at this point for us to sit down and have this talk with our readers, but like anything important, it's worth repeating. The holiday season-ending does not mean the end of your sales, and the only way that this does happen is if you let it.

January is rapidly approaching, and it's the month that consumers traditionally go shopping for themselves, usually armed with gift cards now on the hunt for the thing they actually wanted as a gift this past holiday season. Far too often, sellers decide to holster the tape gun just a bit too early in the new year and lose out on this second wave of post-holiday shopping. The holiday season wraps up closer to the end of January that's when most shoppers will have exhausted their supplies of gift cards, and the dreaded post-holiday season credit card statement arrives. Now until then, you need to keep your business chugging along, and you can achieve this by consistently loading new inventory. What should you do at the end of January when the holiday season shopping does wrap up? What any good business owner would do Review your 2019 season, identify what worked, and correct those issues that didn't. Not only will it help you to plan for next year's season, but it will give you a broader picture of how your business is performing.

Late January is also the time to explore new possibilities for your business. Is this the year you decide to expand to a new sales platform? Or even bigger the year you choose to create your own website or open your own brick and mortar store? Maybe this is the year that you diversify your product offerings and expand your business in entirely new directions. This is the time to do the legwork, to research and plan, and the more time you invest now, the better your sales will be later on, so put the time in now.

So, in short, keep up the hard work, keep that momentum going and start planning for 2020 and where you want to take your business in the new year.

No matter what direction you decide to take your business in 2020, remember you can always rely on Foxliquidation for what your clients want in apparel, accessories, and home goods needs.   

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