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A quote at the click of a button

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It’s midnight, you had a long day at work and the kids were driving you crazy most of the night, but they are finally in bed and now you’re ready to sit down and start doing some shopping. Not on frivolous purchases though, your shopping for your next load of liquidation merchandise from the kind of shopping that makes you money! Now you were thinking of trying out some swimwear since its now peak swimwear season but all of your favorite lots are coming out of California and you are worried about shipping costs. It’s after hours so you cannot call or ask for a quote on the live chat, maybe just jot down the lot numbers on a post-it and call tomorrow. The only problem is that tomorrow turns out to be just as crazy, you forget to call for the shipping costs and the cat chews up your post-it with the lot numbers written on it. I know it happens you get busy and are constantly sidetracked and by the time you get back to business and are ready to request the shipping the lots you liked disappear. Don’t sweat this anymore we have come up with a simple solution to your problem, the Shipping Quote button.

It’s so simple it can be done in seconds first simply sign in to your account (first-time users simply create an account)

Next, find the lot you are interested in purchasing and click on that shipping quote button.

Select commercial or residential delivery either with or without lift gate(Residential deliveries your default choice should be with lift gate) Last enter your full delivery address this should include the house or apartment number, street, city, state, and zip code.

Hit submit and that’s it you’re done! No need to remember lot numbers just enter that info and you will receive a shipping quote via email. 

Need a quote for multiple lots?- Sometimes you have a few favorites and want to narrow down your options by comparing shipping costs. Or perhaps you want a combined rate for shipping on multiple lots coming from the same location, always a good thing as this reduces your total shipping cost. So what do you do? Easy! 

Add the items to your cart


and then hit the shipping quote button.

Same as before Select either commercial or residential delivery, with or without lift gate and enter your full delivery address.


Couldn’t be any simpler right? Shop when you want and get the information you need whenever you want with the new shipping quote option. 

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