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Rumors of Toys R Us' demise have been greatly exaggerated

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Our regular readers may recall our look last year at the final days of the once-dominant toy retailer Toys R Us'. 2018 marked the end of an era as the 70-year-old company was forced into bankruptcy after several failed attempts to salvage the faltering chain. A little over a year later and things are looking up for the brand, it's far from its former self, but it’s also far from being dead and buried. TRU Kids, the parent company of Toys R Us' announced back in July that they were planning on reopening two physical stores in Texas and New Jersey this year with another ten slated for some time in 2020. Earlier this month, the company also penned a deal with Target to help them relaunch the website. This deal is a winner for both parties as Toys R Us' gets the benefit of Target's infrastructure and significant purchasing power, and Target gets the toy sales, and some possible add on's of other Target goods as the customer checks out using the Target interface.

Now Target already has a strong presence in the toy business, so why did they feel the need to pursue this deal at this time? The answer may be as simple as there are a lot of toy sales still up for grabs as no one retailer has emerged as the Toys R Us' heir apparent. Target, Walmart, Amazon, and others slugged it out last year, attempting to be your go-to source for your holiday season toy needs with no clear victor. Most benefited, some more than others, but no one retailer has been crowned the new toy king. What should we expect this 2019 holiday season?

Again, healthy competition though maybe not as fierce as the 2018 season as toy tariff fears, may prevent some retailers from giving away the farm(or toy in this case) and taking a loss.

This should be an excellent season for independent retailers like our readers because of the big player's reluctance for deep discounting but also because there will not be a glut of goods in the secondary market depressing prices like in previous years. If you are planning on selling toys this holiday season, start shopping foxliquidation and our general merchandise lots now, which are loaded with toys, games, and electronics that kids want, but the key is to act now. The holiday season is rapidly approaching, and with a shortened window of opportunity this year because of a late thanksgiving, it's all the more important to secure your lots now and start your holiday selling season early.

Online and traditional brick and mortar retailers all know that they can rely on to continue to provide a wide selection of high-quality name brand merchandise that their customers desire.     



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