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July will be a busy month for online retail

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What is the world biggest online shopping day? If you were to guess Cyber Monday, Black Friday or Thanksgiving you would be close but off by a few weeks. It is actually 11-11 or Singles Day as it’s known in China. It’s not technically a holiday, but more of a marketing event that’s been nurtured into a massive consumer shopping frenzy by the Chinese online retailer Alibaba. The event kicks off with an hours-long star-studded gala which includes a dizzying array of acts, but the main attraction is the big board which display’s their skyrocketing sales, which generally pass total US Cyber Monday sales in a matter of minutes. If this all sounds a bit familiar, a marketing event turned into a massive consumer shopping frenzy it should because it’s just what Amazon is attempting to do with its own event Prime Day.

While Prime Day is no 11-11, it’s still nothing to sneeze at plus it’s still growing. Prime day or more accurately days because it’s now a two-day event, is happening this year on July 15th and 16th. It may not surprise you to learn that Amazon has taken a few notes from Alibaba on 11-11 and worked them into their Prime day playbook(this year Prime day kicks off with a Taylor Swift concert). What is surprising this year is the degree to which other leading US retailers are now pushing back with their own anti-prime promotions.

Years past major retailers just shrugged and ignored the Prime Day promotion, but this year retailers like Target and eBay are taking the event head-on with Target’s Deal Days, and eBay’s not so subtly named Crash Sale this is a reference to the 2018 Prime day during which Amazon’s site crashed. As more retailers pile on and attempt to lure shoppers away from Amazon during their big event, it is fairly clear that consumers will have a lot of incentive to do some shopping the third week of July this year. Events like this draw lots of eyeballs, and even if consumers pass on the prime deals, they tend to stick around and do some more shopping even if the goods they buy are not a part of any promotion.

Resellers take note, even if you do not participate in any of these sales events you can still benefit from these promotions. Consumers are being given a boatload of reasons to shop this July, and they will be stepping away from the BBQ and the beach to squeeze in some serious shopping. How do you prepare? Simple! Stock up with the help of Foxliquidation who has all of your needs to entice some Prime Day deal shoppers to buy from you. Now generally these Prime Day deals have focused heavily on Tech, apparel and home goods. Consider stocking up on our various apparel categories but also Bedding and Bath, Kitchenware, General Merchandise and Health and Beauty which covers all of your HomeGoods needs. 



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