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Its Vacation time! What to remember to do before you take off


It’s that time of year when everyone is getting ready to go on vacation so what do you have to remember to do before you mentally and physically clock out for that well deserved rest and relaxation. If you are selling online it’s very easy to overlook one small thing that can seriously impact your business. Also depending on the sites you are operating on it can be either fairly simple or a bit more complex.

Amazon- Probably one of the easiest to deal with simply login to your seller account and under settings you should see your listing status simply change your status to inactive and this will take care of all of your seller fulfilled items. Bear in mind any FBA items will still be available for sale and you are still responsible for replying to any buyer messages within 24 hours.

Ebay- little bit trickier with this one since you may have buy it now listings and auction listings. If you just have buy it now listings it’s not too hard simply click on your messages tab under my eBay select change settings in the store vacation setting select on. Your buy it not listings are now set to vacation mode and you also have the option of setting a return date. Now if you have auction items this can be a bit trickier especially if you have bids first end your auctions early on all listings with no bids next you have the option to accept the highest bidder on any listings with a bid do this but bear in mind it may take the highest bidder a few days to pay so it’s best to do it well in advance of your trip. If possible we would recommend having your auction listings end a week in advance of your vacation that way you have some time to clean up any straggling winning auction bids. Don’t feel like losing out on a week of sales? Remove your buy it now’s and do a batch of auctions set to end on the day you return.

Poshmark- go to poshmark support center and vacation hold in your setting tab toggle on the vacation button now all your listings are marked as not for sale again with poshmark you have the option to set your vacation for a fixed period so no need to worry about forgetting to turn your store back on.

It’s difficult to anticipate what potential issues can arise in your absence maybe a return you need to authorize or a missing package so even though you’re in vacation mode it would be a good idea to check your emails occasionally and again if possible try to clean up any loose ends like unpaid items well in advance of departure.  



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