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Here is your cheat sheet to What's HOT this season!

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wholesale designer clothing

We have an early holiday present for you; it’s a cheat sheet of what’s hot and what you should be selling right now. It's 4th quarter people! Time to kick things into high gear and make some money! But what is selling right now? 4th quarter is not only one of the busiest seasons of the year in terms of sales volume but also a popular time for beginners to start their first venture and to take off into the seas of e-commerce. Even the grizzled veterans of the industry can use a refresher course on what’s hot, so let’s take a look at some of our top performing categories of liquidation merchandise for winter of 2018.

Ladies Designer/ High-End Designer- This year’s consumers have certainly not been pinching pennies when it comes to Women’s Designer and High-End Designer fashion. These two categories are red hot right now and selling at a feverish pace. The best part for sellers is that Economy is booming, confidence at all time high and consumers are feeling flush with cash. Customers are definitely spending to look their best without worrying so much about the price tag. That means bigger margin and profits in your pocket this winter season. Be on the lookout for those lots flush with your standard winter wear such as your sweaters, coats and other cold-weather items. 

Click here for Ladies Designer or click here for High End Designer

Ladies shoes- Shoes rarely go out of fashion in the resale world, but this winter season we have seen unusually strong demand for this category. Heels, boots, and sandals sales have been hurting over the last few years as a result of the sneaker craze, but there are some strong indicators emerging that the sneaker market may be a bubble about to burst as demand for boots and heels are on the rise again.

Click here for Ladies Shoes

Mens’s shirts/Ladies Accessories- why are we grouping these two? These two categories have a lot in common; in fact, you could easily call it Mens Shirts the accessories category. These two categories are hot right now because of the cold and Holidays. That’s right we are talking winter weather wear such as the scarves, gloves, hats, and slippers. These categories are also filled with stocking stuffers like ties, belts, bow ties, gadgets and more…. Nothing says it’s the holidays like exploding sales of seasonal accessories. 

Click here for Mens Shirts or Click here for Ladies Accessories

Men’s designer/Men’s Urban- 2018 could easily be summed up as the year of quality over quantity as the guy’s too have been spending some serious cash for threads in 2018. There are three words that can best describe what the guys are shopping for: casual, quality and young. Guy’s want to be comfortable, while looking good and young. Men never look (or act) their age, so the younger and hipper the look the better. 

Click here for Mens Designer or Click here for Mens Urban

Ladies Coats/Men’s Winter Coats- We are headed into one of the coldest winters on the record. As the saying goes, “If you are cold, they are cold.” Have some pity and put warm winter coats on your shelves. This is also the time of year that consumers are looking to upgrade their outerwear meaning that heavy-duty winter coats are now in high demand. A word to the wise on either of these two categories, these lots contain high dollar and high margin luxury branded items which are great for resale. These lots sell out quickly so don’t delay if you like it buy it! 

Click here for Ladies Coats or click here for Mens Winter Coats



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