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Fall means big sales for key categories so be prepared!

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Ever try finding a half decent tomato at the grocery store in the middle of February? Is it pretty difficult right? Usually, they are hard and flavorless. It’s because as we all know they are not in season and the few that are around are traveling thousands of miles to your local grocer. Not exactly ideal for receiving fruit at its peak ripeness. So why are we talking about fruit? Well because as surprising as this may seem even categories of liquidation merchandise have their peak seasons. Sure these categories sell year-round, but sellers experience huge upswings in demand in a few key months’s so you need to be prepared with ample inventory on hand and remember this takes some time to receive and process so plan ahead and be ready to sell. Since fall is just around the corner, let’s look at a few categories that are now ripe for the harvest.

Fall means back to School- Parents love it, kids… not so much. Yes, fall means back to school and time for consumers to spend some serious dollars on new clothing and other goods for the kids. What sort of money are we talking here? According to Deloitte’s 2018 back-to-school survey, $27.6 billion is the expected total with an average household spend of $510. Expect this peak season to start in the beginning of August and plateau near the end of October as consumers and their kids settle back into their normal routines. Near the end of summer, these children’s clothing lots are snatched up quickly so do not procrastinate on stocking up and miss out on the prime selling season. Click here for Wholesale Children’s Clothing

Bedding and bath- There are many reasons why bedding and bath heats up in the fall months, for starters consumers tend to upgrade their bedding this time of year before the chill of the winter months kicks in. Second, a lot of these purchases are made by college-age students leaving home for the first time who are shopping for those dorm or apartment essentials such as towels, blankets, pillows, and bedsheets. This category spikes in early September and then plateau’s near the end of the year. Click here for Wholesale Bedding and Bath

General merchandise- This category may surprise you, but it does cover a lot of the essentials and those not so essentials that kids and young adults are shopping for this time of year. Looking for small electronics to sell like headphones and Bluetooth speakers? This category has it. Toys and games? Perfect for placating a disgruntled kid moping about having to go back to school? Also covered. Stationery items and small knickknacks for decorating a new apartment or dorm room? Check and check this category cover’s a lot of your bases for the back to school shopping season. Click here for Wholesale General Merchandise

Holiday décor heats up- The holiday season is a lot closer than you may think. Shoppers are already starting to put a few gifts in the back of their closet for the upcoming season but also are shopping now for those holiday-themed decorations and accent pieces to make this season a little bit brighter. Late August early September is when you need to secure your merchandise as any later, and you could easily be stuck with nothing but a lump of coal to fill those Christmas stockings. Click here for Wholesale Holiday Décor

If you have been sitting on the sidelines for the last few weeks now is the time to get back into the game and get your business ramped up for the big fourth quarter all signs point to a big win for you in 2018.



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