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Facebook was made for socializing but now it’s for selling as well

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For Years Facebook, the social networking platform has been a great way to catch up with friends and family and to generally kill time. More recently however it has started to become a far more practical tool, particularly for the reseller’s community. In 2016 Facebook officially relaunched their marketplace feature which had laid dormant for the past several years. This time the marketplace had a lot more going for it, Facebook improved some of its core features and the marketplace was given a far greater degree of prominence on the site. The marketplace basically took some of the best features of Craigslist and improved upon them. You could sell your new or gently used items to a group of local consumers without the typical concerns of Craigslist such as completely anonymous buyers or giving out your contact info like your phone or email and having to constantly deal with the incessant replies from scam artists. Well versed, Veteran resellers know just how useful of a tool this is and have been using the Facebook Marketplace to sell their liquidation goods for years. It’s a great way to quickly and effortlessly move out some merch to your local area with relatively minimal effort.

This year Facebook Marketplace will get another significant upgrade that could reshape the current retail landscape. Facebook announced this week at their semi-annual F8 conference that soon marketplace shoppers will be able to purchase, check out and be given the option to either pick up or have the item shipped to them via carriers like USPS, UPS or FedEx. If you think this is not a big deal think again. We are talking about the third largest website in the world in terms of traffic and users now offering the ability to buy and sell anything to its roughly 2 billion users. If 2 billion users are not enough reasons to get you excited how about consider this instead. This is not your average sales platform like eBay or Amazon and that’s actually a good thing. You do not have to deal with the burdensome rules and regulations associated with these platforms such as fees for selling and shipping, maintaining seller metrics and the headache of gated brands or categories. In short, you are back to basics of commerce a buyer and a seller simply completing a transaction.

If you are not currently selling on Facebook Marketplace you have to get on there now, familiarize yourself with how it works and be ready for the rush of buyers and sellers to flood in. It’s no secret that sellers have been searching for some time now for a viable alternative to eBay and Amazon and the Facebook Marketplace may just have become that perfect match. Sellers worried about no customers? You shouldn’t be there are over 2 billion potential customers on there right now.

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