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Are you mobile optimized? Take 5 minutes to check

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The desktop computer be it PC or Mac is very quickly becoming a fossil for online shoppers as consumers who are on the go 24-7 turn more and more to their mobile devices for their online shopping needs. To put it simply if your e-commerce site is not mobile friendly these days it could be seriously hurting your bottom line no matter what you are selling. So it came as quite a shock to yours truly the other day when I learned that one of the biggest platforms for online sellers out there eBay does not automatically optimize your listings for mobile. Granted it’s a pretty simple fix, A one button click or simply pasting a bit of code into your listings but still, this seemed a bit crazy in the day and age of shopping via mobile phone or tablet. Why eBay does not automatically do this for all of their listings is a real head-scratcher, but that’s another discussion let’s stick to the topic. I would like to humbly request all of our eBay sellers take just 5 minutes out of your busy day to do just one thing and that is to make sure your listings are mobile friendly. There are two ways you can do this either way is fine, but if you have lots of active listings, you may want to use option two.

Manually updating each item.

1.Click on edit on any of your active listings.

2.Scroll down to the item description, and just above the right-hand corner of the description box, you should see a link that says Mobile-friendly checker and click on it.

3.A Popup window will appear and will read either Viewpoint meta tag incorrect or missing or Viewport meta tag correctly set. If its incorrect set simply hit that Fix it for me button and your listing is updated.

That’s it, simply repeat the process for all of your active listings. Higher volume sellers with lots of listings here’s option two.

Bulk update your listings.

1.Select all of your active listings(up to 500 at a time) and select edit all

2.Under bulk edit select all of your listings again and under edit fields select edit item description.

3.In the dropdown box select edit listings in bulk add to item description

4.Next Click on the HTML tab

5.Simply paste the following line of text into the box

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">

6.Click save and submit changes

That’s it you’re done! And now you’re also an HTML programmer congrats! Shoppers can now read your item's description from their mobile devices, and you can rest easy that you're mobile optimized for eBay.



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