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A closer look at one of the apparel industries leaders

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Apparel resellers who want to stay on top of their selling game, need to keep a careful eye on the fashion industry, so they know where the apparel market will be going next. It’s just like driving, best to know what’s on the road ahead and to know what’s around that next bend. So today we are going to take a closer look at one of the apparel industry’s leading names Ralph Lauren, and to see their vision of apparel is in 2019.

Throwback looks continue as well as athleisure- If you thought that the retro looks of the ’80s and ’90s were just a blip on the fashion radar think again. RL has just relaunched one of their iconic '90s sublabel’s Polo Sport. For those who may have missed out on the ’90s (my deepest sympathies), this line was a staple of early '90s fashion with its use of denim, bold colors and its focus on athletic activities. It achieved that difficult task of straddling a line between casual cool and the off to the gym look quite successfully. Its revival in no small part can also be tied to the continuing strength of the athleisure movement. This should be a big winner for Ralph Lauren this season it’s a savvy move that taps in on two ongoing trends at once vintage and sportswear.

Environmentally and socially conscious- What’s more timeless than the classic look of the Ralph Lauren Polo shirt? If you were to make a list, it would be a short one. So what could be more timeless and timely than the same Polo shirt but made from recycled plastic? Ralph Lauren this year launched the Earth Polo an environmentally responsible shirt made of the equivalent of 12 plastic water bottles and dyed in a process which uses no water. While this Is not the first shirt made of recycled plastic it is undoubtedly one of the most iconic and this move is part of a bigger push by the brand to make their products more environmentally and socially responsible. This year Ralph Lauren is also launching a gender-neutral line of clothing celebrating pride month with the bulk of the sales proceeds going to various LGBTQIA nonprofit organizations. Brand’s today need to stand for more than just high quality and flashy looks, and Ralph Lauren clearly recognizes this.

So what are our takeaways? Retro looks are still very much the in thing, and athletic apparel is as hot as can be. Consumers are becoming much more aware of what the brands they wear represent, big players like Ralph Lauren are taking note of this, so be sure to focus on brands that are both environmentally and socially responsible. has a wide array of goods from leading apparel brands like Ralph Lauren you can find these goods in our various RL categories (Please Note, does not represent and is not affiliated with Ralph Lauren™. Ralph Lauren ™ is not associated and does not endorse in any way) please note restrictions apply to the resale of goods contained in these lots.

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These items can also be found in smaller quantities in many of our other categories such as

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A final word on those iconic Polo shirts we discussed earlier. We get this question a lot it’s probably one of the most commonly asked questions in the liquidation industry and not a day goes by when we don’t get this one… “Can I buy just polo’s?” the answer sadly is no. when you use words like timeless and classic to describe a garment it's very unlikely for large quantities of it to end up in liquidation channels. Yes, we have them frequently but generally in small amounts and resellers should be very wary of any wholesaler or liquidator offering large quantities of an item like the polo, remember if it sounds too good to be true then often it is.   



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