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The beauty within health and beauty category.

Profits can come in small packages especially when it comes to cosmetics and other beauty products. The cosmetics industry is in the midst of a boom nearly doubling in size from the early 2000’s to a 300 billion dollar a year global industry. So, what is behind this massive increase and is their still room for growth for the [...]

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How, when and where to sell customer returns

Customer return lots can be tricky for the inexperienced seller. That’s why we strongly encourage beginners or those new to liquidation merchandise to stick with shelf pull condition lots. To the experienced seller though these lots can be quite profitable if you know how, when and where to sell these items.So you purchased a customer return lot, you have two [...]

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The sales literally come to your front door

Recently we talked about the importance of diversifying your sales channels and how multiple streams of revenue are important for any businesses success. So today let’s take a look at a specific route that is often overlooked but can be quite rewarding financially with the added benefit, it’s so easy you may not have to leave home to do [...]

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Are you maximizing your sales channels?

It’s pretty common for sellers to get a bit too comfortable with a single revenue stream. In most cases what happens is that you carve out a successful niche for your business and you start to crush it! Great sales and healthy margins but all too commonly some variable outside your control can rapidly change your sales. Online resellers know [...]

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Don’t chase brands instead capture profits.

It’s the same question I hear on a daily basis, “can I just buy one brand?”. I get it, you know it’s a famous brand, and I understand the thinking because it’s a well-known brand it will sell. But there is a problem with this approach to liquidation, and I am here today to tell you that this is [...]

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Liquidation merchandise with no manifest, How is this still a thing?

As a salesperson, I have the pleasure of speaking with a multitude of customers on a daily basis. Our customer's backgrounds are incredibly diverse. We deal with clients all over the globe and with varying levels of experience; from beginners to decades old sellers that can and do teach me a thing or two.Now I always make it a point [...]

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Sell a pallet load of goods in a day! Impossible? Not if you're hosting an event sale

Are you the type that loves throwing a party? Very detail-oriented ,loves writing up the invites, doing up special decorations and knows just the right number of guests to invite? If you also have that entrepreneurial spirit, then maybe you are just the right type to throw an event sale. What is an event sale? It’s basically a pop up [...]

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Nordstrom’s new moves to capture the lucrative men’s clothing market

You have to give Nordstrom’s a lot of credit for thinking outside the brick and mortar box and being willing and able to try something different. Last year we looked at their Nordstrom’s Local concept, a store with no inventory instead it has a team of personal stylists who assist the client in their purchasing decisions ordering in items from other [...]

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Worried about a Trade War?

KEEP CALM AND SELLLIQUIDATIONAre you a private label seller getting your goods manufactured and imported directly from China? If so, you may have had quite a few restless nights recently with the news on potential tariffs. There has been a lot of talk of a looming trade war in the past few weeks with China and its possible implications. [...]

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Go big or go broke, how to cast a wide e-commerce net

Selling is a lot like fishing in many ways, sure you can catch a few fish with a line and get by but if you ever want to bring in a big haul you need to cast a big net. If your selling online, you’re going to need a wide array of options for your customers. Just starting out? [...]

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