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Welcome to the Retail Renaissance

There is no doubt that traditional retail is changing at a rapid pace. The headlines of one major retailer after another shuttering location after location is inescapable. What is far too often overlooked in these negative headlines is what happens next? What is happening right now is very interesting, and far from being a retail apocalypse, it's more of a [...]

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Holiday season shipping, when does it peak? What do you need to know and how to prepare?

Since we are all probably feeling a bit queasy and bloated today from too much turkey, stuffing and other Thanksgiving goodies let’s try to keep things light and look at holiday season shipping. This is a subject that touches everyone in online retail small or large, you rely on your preferred parcel carrier daily to get that package safely to [...]

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The Recipe For Success

Do you like to cook? If so, you probably have a signature dish, one that all your friends and family rave about. So what’s that special ingredient in your dish that brings out all of those flavors together to create your culinary masterpiece? I know, it is family secret, don’t answer that. Instead, let’s take off that chef’s hat [...]

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Here is your cheat sheet to What's HOT this season!

We have an early holiday present for you; it’s a cheat sheet of what’s hot and what you should be selling right now. It's 4th quarter people! Time to kick things into high gear and make some money! But what is selling right now? 4th quarter is not only one of the busiest seasons of the year in terms of [...]

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Just how rosy is the holiday season looking? The numbers back up the bright outlook!

In our last few entries, we have focused primarily on the all-important holiday season. We have looked at some need to know basics for the liquidation reseller such as planning ahead, getting your inventory in early and starting your 4th quarter out on the right foot by being prepared for the busy Holiday season! We even explored some holiday trends [...]

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Self-giving is a real thing, get ready for record breaking Holiday season!

Just four weeks left until the big day, Black Friday and the official start of the holiday season. If you’re under the impression that Black Friday is mostly about the new tech toys and that your average consumers will be taking a break from their normal spending habits, then you may be surprised that the [...]

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Dramatic new developments on the problem of terminal dues

Terminal dues? What are these again? And what do I need to know? Good question, please see our previous article on the subject and a more in-depth look on how terminal dues helped to create the e-packet. You are probably quite familiar with the e-packet from shopping online, E-packets cover a wide array of consumer goods all weighing 4.4 pounds [...]

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If you are an eBayer, selling on Amazon is a must!

For a long time now eBay has been the best place to get your start in the world of e-commerce sales. If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you probably already know that eBay as a selling platform is just the first step in a long journey. You need to have an active presence on multiple platforms [...]

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One retailer's LOSS is another retailer's GAIN

Retailers accustomed to buying from a wholesaler or manufacturer may not see the value of purchasing liquidation. These retailers are closing the door on a highly lucrative source of heavily discounted merchandise for their business. So where does this industry bias spring from? Mainly from the perception that if one retailer already got rid of it then why would any [...]

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The fundamental habits of highly effective online sellers

What are some of the keys to running a successful online business from the comfort of your home? They are surprisingly easy and low tech, a lot of it is pretty basic stuff, but the tricky part is not the knowing, it’s the doing part that can be difficult. This week we are going back to the basics and [...]

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