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Liquidation merchandise with no manifest, How is this still a thing?

As a salesperson, I have the pleasure of speaking with a multitude of customers on a daily basis. Our customer's backgrounds are incredibly diverse. We deal with clients all over the globe and with varying levels of experience; from beginners to decades old sellers that can and do teach me a thing or two.Now I always make it a point [...]

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Sell a pallet load of goods in a day! Impossible? Not if you're hosting an event sale

Are you the type that loves throwing a party? Very detail-oriented ,loves writing up the invites, doing up special decorations and knows just the right number of guests to invite? If you also have that entrepreneurial spirit, then maybe you are just the right type to throw an event sale. What is an event sale? It’s basically a pop up [...]

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Nordstrom’s new moves to capture the lucrative men’s clothing market

You have to give Nordstrom’s a lot of credit for thinking outside the brick and mortar box and being willing and able to try something different. Last year we looked at their Nordstrom’s Local concept, a store with no inventory instead it has a team of personal stylists who assist the client in their purchasing decisions ordering in items from other [...]

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Worried about a Trade War?

KEEP CALM AND SELLLIQUIDATIONAre you a private label seller getting your goods manufactured and imported directly from China? If so, you may have had quite a few restless nights recently with the news on potential tariffs. There has been a lot of talk of a looming trade war in the past few weeks with China and its possible implications. [...]

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Go big or go broke, how to cast a wide e-commerce net

Selling is a lot like fishing in many ways, sure you can catch a few fish with a line and get by but if you ever want to bring in a big haul you need to cast a big net. If your selling online, you’re going to need a wide array of options for your customers. Just starting out? [...]

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One very simple cash saving tip

In a previous post, we looked at how Amazon is changing the way we receive our purchases, with their push to increase their physical footprint in the form of in-store pickup and Amazon kiosks. So why is Amazon doing this? It’s not to deter the package pilferers though this certainly is an added benefit. There is also a certain degree of [...]

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Understanding when to buy is just as important as what to buy

When you stop and think about it, timing really is everything. Knowing just the right time to make that important decision or ask that important question can often be the determining factor between success and failure. After all, you wouldn’t ask your boss for a raise right after you lose an important client or make a costly mistake. You wait [...]

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Just do it, some pointers on how to start small.

So it’s March and you’re ready to start up your business. Maybe Uncle Sam was generous to you this tax season and you want to take that tax refund and invest it in your business. That is a fantastic idea, take that money and make it grow! But then a realization hits you, where can I put all [...]

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Home is where the sales are

While it may not feel like it, at the end of a long day’s work most Americans are spending a lot more of their time at home than in previous decades. That old expression “home is where the heart is.” becomes truer every year. What’s behind this sea change in lifestyle? Technology is by far the biggest contributing factor [...]

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Intimates, a category not to fall asleep on.

While most women will understand and appreciate this next statement most men will be a little bit clueless. “Bras are pretty complex.” Standard bras consist of roughly two dozen different pieces. Ever wonder why bras are so expensive? Having multiple components is certainly a factor but also because it is labor intensive to produce. As a result, there are [...]

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