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Intimates, a category not to fall asleep on.

While most women will understand and appreciate this next statement most men will be a little bit clueless. “Bras are pretty complex.” Standard bras consist of roughly two dozen different pieces. Ever wonder why bras are so expensive? Having multiple components is certainly a factor but also because it is labor intensive to produce. As a result, there are [...]

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Want more options? We are more than just clothing!

Are you looking to diversify your offerings? What’s that tried and true bit of advice you hear from every financial advisor? Diversify your portfolio. Maybe it’s time to explore some categories other than clothing? Have no fear we have you covered at Fox Liquidation we offer a lot more than just clothing! Health and beauty- There are few categories [...]

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The men don't buy clothes myth, debunked

Men’s clothing suffers from one very old and common misconception… men don’t buy clothes. The Eurasian Steppe people of the 11th and 12th century due to their harsh environment and lack of resources were known for wearing the skins of animals as small as mice, often until they simply just fell off their bodies. This sound like anyone [...]

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Run don't walk into men's and women's sport

Why should you consider selling men’s or women’s activewear? The answer is right in front of you just look around. The next time you’re at the grocery store or simply picking up a cup of coffee casually look around how many pairs of leggings, sweatshirts, sweatpants, tank tops and other athletic apparel can you spot? Sportswear as a category [...]

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Why Plus Size is a plus to your bottom line

Why should you consider selling plus size merchandise? Many sellers dismiss this category for various reasons maybe assuming that it’s a niche market with little demand. Just how niche is the plus size clothing industry? Try over 20 Billion and growing! Not exactly niche. So what is the story with plus size and what do you as a seller [...]

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Its winter so let’s talk swimwear?

So we are now in the midst of the winter months and summer swimsuit season feels a long way off. So why are we bringing up swimwear now? For a lot of reasons and even if you have never considered trying out this category before its definitely worth a second look. It’s very easy to overlook it or [...]

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A company that stands out from the crowd

Do a quick search for liquidation merchandise… it’s pretty overwhelming the amount of options you have. So I did a quick Google search and came up with just over 600,000 results. What that means is a whole lot of merchandise from a whole lot of liquidators. The independent retailer has no shortage of merchandise or suppliers to choose from [...]

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Now is the best time to start your business and fulfill your New Year’s resolution!

We recently talked about how to start your own retail business and the steps you should take to get up and running, but it’s very easy to get hung up on the first step STARTING! Today we want to provide some much needed encouragement!It's sad to say, most people will give up on their New Year’s resolution by January [...]

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If you think 2017 was a great year for sellers, just wait till 2018 gets here!

Now that we are nearing the end of 2017, let’s pause and reflect for a moment on the past year. It’s been a pretty good year for the U.S. economy. With record low unemployment and skyrocketing consumer confidence we have seen some real spending frenzies not experienced for some time this holiday season. According to a report [...]

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Your New Year’s resolution! Launch a booming retail business in 2018!

I want to address those just thinking about starting their own business in the new year. For starters congratulations on taking that first step but now that you’re here what’s next? Let’s start by giving you a few pointers on how to begin. Don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions- We love when new customers have a [...]

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