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The latest developments from the trade war front

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Developments in the China trade war have been unfolding rapidly over the last few weeks, so I thought It would be an excellent time to reexamine the current state of affairs. Retailers have been bracing for some time now for the List 4 tariffs, slated to take effect September 1st this round, in particular, has caused some sleepless nights for many a CEO in the retail world. The List 4 goods cover a wide array of Chinese imports that are almost exclusively consumer-driven products. Items covered by the list range from high tech gadgets like cell phones to low tech basics such as apparel, footwear, accessories, and home goods. What probably caused the most consternation with leading retail brands in the US was the incredibly poor timing. September is the beginning of the crucial 4th quarter in retail, and price increases in the form of tariffs at this time of year could cut deeply into consumer spending. Pressure rapidly mounted on the US administration to postpone or cancel these proposed tariffs. In the end the administration relented and decided to delay the List 4 goods until December 15th to avoid any potential negative impact on holiday spending. What’s the takeaway here? It’s a temporary stay of execution for the retail world, the effects of the next round of tariffs will now not be felt until early spring of 2020. Hopefully, by that time, more significant progress will have been made in resolving the current state of the US and China’s trade dispute.

Let’s now turn to independent retailers like our readers and see how this will shape your 4th quarter. With the tariff treat off the board until the end of the year this may calm a somewhat anxious consumer and keep them shopping like they were in 2017 and 18 when consumer confidence was at all-time highs. There’s a strong likelihood that as this new December 15th deadline approaches, consumers may do just a bit more self-gifting this year to avoid potentially higher costs after the new deadline passes so expect sales to stay strong throughout December. If the trade dispute is not resolved by the end of the year, plan on stocking up in December for the first four months of 2020. You can thank me later when you realize just how much more attractive your goods from Foxliquidation.com look to a consumer who’s shopping after the tariff’s take effect. 

The international option that does not cost an arm and a leg

The internet has changed the way we shop. The world today is now one vast marketplace, and resellers such as our readers can reach customers on every continent of the globe. The one big problem is there are not a lot of inexpensive options to do this, and as a US-based seller, you may justifiably feel limited to selling [...]

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FBA is not the only game in town anymore

Back in 2006, when Amazon first launched their Fulfillment by Amazon program, most industry analysts were not throwing around words like innovative or revolutionary to describe it. Quite the contrary, this was 2006, Amazon was big but not the dominant force that it is today. At the time, Fulfillment by Amazon was looked upon as quite a big gamble [...]

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It's a weighty matter

Weights and shipping are a big concern when shopping for liquidation merchandise. Shipping costs can severely impact your bottom line, and you have to make sure you're doing everything you can to minimize these costs. Every dollar spent on shipping is a dollar less you can put into your pocket at the end of the day. Have you ever [...]

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School’s out for summer… but not for not much longer.

To all you parents out there, it’s time to tell your kids to face up to the cold hard truth and to stop crying, because it’s a fact… summer will end and soon. Now some may say I am jumping the gun a bit after all its only mid-July but to anyone in the retail business be it physical [...]

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Your summer to-do list

We are now in the heart of summer, and it is a great time to dust off that old to-do list for your business and start checking off a few of those tasks you have meant to get to over the last few months. If your list is looking a bit bare right now that's ok that's why [...]

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July will be a busy month for online retail

What is the world biggest online shopping day? If you were to guess Cyber Monday, Black Friday or Thanksgiving you would be close but off by a few weeks. It is actually 11-11 or Singles Day as it’s known in China. It’s not technically a holiday, but more of a marketing event that’s been nurtured into a massive consumer [...]

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Is it time to freshen things up?

When was the last time you had a McDonald’s hamburger? Has it been a few months or years perhaps? If so, you are not alone, the golden arches have lost some of their luster. Over the last decade, McDonald’s has seen a steady decline in sales and market share as newer players have entered the fast food arena and [...]

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So what should you be selling in 2019?

Welcome to our annual what hot category spotlight where we take a closer look at some of our top performing categories of liquidation merchandise and give you the dirt on what you should be buying for resale in 2019. This is a must-read for any would-be sellers looking to get into the game or for any veteran sellers looking [...]

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We highlight this week some old features and some new features of Foxliquidation.com

Today we are going to spotlight two valuable tools our site offers and to explain what they do and how to use them to your best advantage. The first is something old, but if used properly, can be an invaluable tool to lock down that merchandise you need. The second is something new to the site, and it’s a [...]

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