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Your Guide to the Post Holiday SHOPPING SPREE

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We are now just one week into December dear readers and let me ask you, are you completely exhausted from the continual holiday selling grind yet? Just dreaming about those three short weeks until you can finally kickback and relax? Maybe park on the couch all weekend and catch up on your binge-watching guilty pleasures? Big mistake folks! Don’t pack away your product and throw it in the closet like your holiday decorations you have more sales to make. The holidays end and so do the sales, a common misconception and sure it could even be true if you help make them stop.

To put it plainly your sales will end if you decide to take your foot off the gas and take a break. Post-holiday season shopping is nothing to ignore. There are solid sales to be made; you might even call this the “it’s what I really wanted” season as consumers return their focus to shopping exclusively for themselves again. Many consumers also exchange gifts, trading them in to put towards what they really wanted. Even more start spending that holiday cash and gift cards they found in their stockings.

What should be on your to-do list come January 2nd? It should pretty much look like your December 2nd to do list but with a few minor additions.

Step one: Number crunching, take some time to analyze your holiday season sales. Identify when your sales started picking up, when they peaked and basically identify what worked and correct those issues that didn’t. Not only will you have invaluable information to help you better plan for next year’s season you will also have a better understanding of how your business is performing.

Step two: make a plan of action for the new year. Now is the time to explore new options regarding your product mix, how you market your business and where you offer your goods for sale. It’s also a good time to start thinking about the upcoming season and to decide when to transition over. January is a great time to be shopping for spring/summer clothing lots, supplies are ample, and you have first dibs on the best merchandise from the previous year.

So, in short, continue to do what you are already doing keep feeding that pipeline of merchandise into your business and keep that forward momentum that you built up during the holiday season rolling. After all your sales don’t have to end come January 2nd.   

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