Your orders on its way so now what? 

Shopping at Fox liquidation is easy! However, due to the nature of the wholesale liquidation business receiving your first order can be a bit overwhelming but we are here to assist you. Below is a list of helpful pointers to most efficiently and effectively receive your merchandise.

1. Review your manifest – before receiving your order review your manifest note the item, pallet and box counts. If you are not equipped with a scanner for receiving we recommend printing out a hard-copy of your manifest to check off items as you go along.

2. Before you sign…- the vast majority of our lots are shipped by FedEx freight, FedEx Ground or UPS depending on the order size and location. Before you sign for the delivery make sure that the box count matches the manifest and if any boxes seem damaged or tampered with note this on your bill of lading and notify us immediately. Signing for a delivery without noting damages or shortages indicates that your order was received in full. In the event a box was lost in transit FedEx and UPS might not be responsible if shortages are not noted.

3. Document your order– it is important to document your order by taking pictures, we recommend taking shots of each boxes bar code label.

these will be required in the event of any damages, shortages or missing items. If possible do not dispose of the boxes until verifying that the order is completely intact. Take pictures of any damages (applies only to shelf pull and seasonal shelf pull lots), inspect your merchandise carefully note any defects such as holes, stains, rips, missing pieces or any signs of wear or damage and photograph. These will be required in the event you need to file a damage claim.
Please note the box from which damaged item came from.  Box label is required when filing a claim.

4. 5% threshold ( does not apply to Customer Returns) – When ordering a shelf pull or seasonal shelf pull lot please keep in mind that typical and acceptable damage is 5% or less. Mostly, these are the fitting-room damages for which 5% considered normal. We do not issue credit or process claims for damaged merchandise under the 5% threshold.

5. Check your order in a timely manner- It is important to note that you have 5 calendar days from delivery to file a claim for any shortages or damages (applies only to shelf pull and seasonal shelf pull lots) please feel free to contact us to request a claim form or download a copy from our website.

6. Filing a claim- our claim form consists of 2 pages requesting some basic information regarding your order and the list of shortages or damages (applies only to shelf pull lots or seasonal shelf pulls). It is important to fill out the form completely as well as providing pictures of damages, UPCs of the damaged items and box bar code from which damaged item came from. For Missing/short items please note the UPC for the item.   Claims submitted without required information can result in your claim being denied.

7. If you don’t know Ask! – Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction so if you have a question regarding a recent order or are confused about filing a claim please ask for assistance please feel free to contact us at or by phone 1-888-808-4934.  

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