You have questions? We are here to answer them!

which is now rapidly approaching, is a time when we see many of those would be
entrepreneurs looking to start their own business, take that first step down
the road of financial independence. To all of the budding businesspeople out
there we say welcome and thank you for considering Foxliquidation for your
business’s needs.

as a fledgling business owner you probably have questions… lots of questions!
And that’s completely normal, in fact nothing makes us happier than to speak
with an aspiring entrepreneur with a lot of questions. Why? Because this
demonstrates that this is a focused and driven individual who has clearly put
time, effort and thought into planning their future business. From my personal
experience, the folks with the most questions are often the most successful
resellers. Now you may have a wide array of questions dealing with various
topics and today I just want you to know that you have a lot of options to get
those questions answered.

Live chat with us-
Have a question about shipping costs? Maybe wondering how long it takes to
deliver your order or something as simple as what’s the difference between a
shelf pull and a customer return? The live chat feature found on the desktop
version of is a great way to get these questions answered
quickly. Simply click on that box in the bottom right hand corner of your
screen and start typing it’s just that simple. English not your first language?
Not a problem live chat is the best option for non-English speakers simply start
typing in your native language and the chat takes care of the rest.

us at 1-888-808-4934- Sometimes you just want to speak with another person
because you have a lot of questions and you want that added assurance that you
have someone on the on the other end ready to give your business the support it
needs. Give us a call we are here to answer any questions you may have, and we
always love to talk shop with first time sellers and offer a bit of advice.

us page- send us a quick message with your questions anytime just do it via our
contact us page. Please include your name and best way to contact you also if
you are requesting a shipping quote be sure to include specifics such as the
delivery address and the SKU number you are interested in purchasing.

Media- Follow our Blog where
we cover various topics every week about buying and selling liquidation
merchandise. You can also follow us on Facebook where we frequently post information on special
events such as sales promotions and be sure to follow our youtube channel as well where you can find
a wide array of instructional videos that will answer virtually any question
you may have about buying and selling liquidation merchandise from

if you have questions we are here to answer them all you have to do is ask.


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