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Ah, denim! It looks so hot in the warm and even hot summer months. But it’s not just the summer. Denim darlings look good throughout the year. However, it’s more so this time of the year. The jean jacket is perfect. The summer cutoff is seriously festival-worthy. Denim is more than a fabric. It takes to the body perfectly, like no other clothing.

Wholesale Jeans

Jeans has been an important item of clothing for decades. They first came into circulation in the 18th century, days of cotton abundance. Of course it wasn’t about fashion then. Denims became popular because of their durability. It was good for those who did physical labor, and so denims were made for miners. But then came the pop culture. It became a craze among the teens during the 1950s. Manufacturers came out with innovative designs, embroidery, patch works and new color. Hip huggers and bell bottoms emerged during the 1960s and 1970s.

It first attracted the attention of fashion designers in the 1980s. They came out with new and glamorous patterns. Soon enough, denim was everywhere – in caps, skirts, handbags and others. The sales skyrocketed. Now of course, there is denim in every home. Denim is now a fashion icon. You’ll see fashion models wearing denim all the time.

Denim sells always. Every year there is something new – new styles, new cuts, new everything, in skirts, shorts, trousers, and jackets. You’ll find them all here at our wholesale clothing store. And the best thing about denims is that, both women and men love them. Denim goes very well with jewelry as well. So that’s a case for offering some wholesale jewelry too with your stock of denim. Denim suits everybody. No matter what the age, color or size, denim is sure to look good. So you can never go wrong if you offer denim from your designer apparel store. Denim is not just your everyday wear, it’s a very fashionable garment as well.

A fashion survey was recently carried out in the US. Its results tell us that on an average every American owns 7 to 8 pairs of jeans. 86% of the ladies between 16 and 55 years of age chose denim as their favorite garment. And it’s not just about the present as well. Denim looks good for the future too. 84% of shoppers and fashion designers see denim as the future.

Many of your clients are likely to be obsessed with denim. You can offer all the wholesale clothing, designer apparel and even wholesale jewelry you want. You can get them from FoxLiquidation.com.

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