What Your Window Display Says About Your Brand

It’s often said that “eyes are the windows to the soul”. If that’s true, then your shop window will certainly tell everybody who you are. That’s why stores and boutiques will spend a lot of time designing their windows. Sometimes shop owners and managers will even get professional help for designing their windows. It’s taken very seriously actually. And why not, after all, this is an opportunity for the store to showcase their best stock and bring in customers.

But there’s a difference in what everybody is doing. While some brands go for intricate designs, others have minimalist windows. What will work for you depend on what your brand stands for.

The Minimalist

This approach can work well even for those selling wholesale designer handbags, wholesale swimwear, wholesale dresses and other goods. The fact is that, these windows often stand out from more intricate or grand counterparts, particularly during the holiday season. But you’ll still have to make sure that the aesthetics are working well for you.

Do however keep in mind that “bare” is not minimalist. It’s actually more difficult to have a minimalist window, because the quality of the merchandise shows easily here. So you’ll want to display only your very best stock here always.

The Vintage Window

Vintage windows usually have pale colors. They have romantic or Victorian-inspired appearance, and overall a feminine feel. It attracts a lot of women, but, will turn off a few as well. So always add details on your vintage window like splashes of vibrant colors or mod dresses. When you do this, you’ll be telling everybody that you are offering real substance in your store.

The Urban Landscape

This kind of window display is for the ladies who want to have fun, and know how to do it. So they display lights, minimal but a kind of grungy appearance, and clothes that are right for the city life. You’ll be able to soften the look and attract a wider audience.

What About the Online Store

Everything we have described so far is about the offline shop selling wholesale dresses, wholesale swimwear, and wholesale designer handbags. What about the online store?

It’s important for online fashion boutiques as well. The window for them is their Home page or the Landing page where traffic arrives for specific segments. Most online stores would usually show their best merchandise or display products that sell the most. They will also display seasonal specials and special discount deals here.

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