Want more options? We are more than just clothing!

Are you looking to diversify your offerings? What’s that
tried and true bit of advice you hear from every financial advisor? Diversify
your portfolio. Maybe it’s time to explore some categories other than clothing?
Have no fear we have you covered at Fox Liquidation we offer a lot more than
just clothing!

Health and beauty-
There are few categories that complement your clothing options as much
as health and beauty. These lots contain everything the makeup enthusiast could
ever want from skin creams to Nail polish, eye shadow and lip liner. You can
also find some other beauty related essentials like mirrors and facial brushes
some must haves for any makeup maven. A big plus about this category is that
most items are small and lightweight easy to store and ship if you’re an online

Kitchenware- This is where you would find those must have
kitchen supplies from small appliances right down to whisks. These lots are
loaded with staples like those heavy duty mixers that any home chef would just
die for or for those not so kitchen savvy that just want to give their kitchen
that professional look. Other common items include pots and pans, cutlery,
storage containers, baking sheets and all your other tools of the trade for the
home cook. Lots have a good mix of price point as well so you get a nice
balance of fast sales combined with higher profits on your big ticket items.

General merchandise- So what can you expect to see in a
general merchandise lot? Well it’s a pretty diverse mix as the name implies ranging
from electronics for the tech gadget guru to board games and toys. Lots also
contain a potpourri of small home goods items as well as stationary items it’s
a good place to start for the beginner in reselling liquidation merchandise as
many of these items are small impulse buys which are easy to turnover on a
consistent basis.

Bedding and bath- Yet another diverse category of goods
great for the intermediate or advanced reseller. Of course these lots contain
all the bedroom essentials you would expect such as sheets, blankets and towels
but also decorative pillows, slipcovers, bathroom accessories like soap
dispensers, shower curtains and shower caddies and a few small electrical items
like blow driers and flatirons. These lots contain a lot of high dollar items
so expect some healthy margins.

Holiday Décor- the kid in all of us comes out in this
category these lots are plentiful until about September when seasonal demand
skyrockets so plan ahead and stock up in the off season. This is a great
category for those experienced in dealing with collectables. You may be
surprised to find lots containing that last season’s must have ornament from
companies like Swarovski in multiples and brands like this are never out of
season and highly desirable by collectors.

Luggage- the globe trekker or the business person is always
in need of a good set of bags to get their clothes and gear to their next
destination. Why not try out our luggage category it’s a good entry point for
those just starting out as these lots are very manageable in size typically a
dozen or so units. Another high dollar category with ample room for profits.

Napkins and Glassware- For those that love entertaining or just
know how profitable these items can be its our napkins glassware category.
These lots include essentials like china, glassware, flatware, cheese plates
and boards as well as several other decorative accessories that any one that
loves to entertain cannot do without. Shop smart and buy local with this
category as the lots can be costly to ship long distances.

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