Timing is everything! Your guide to the retail calendar

you want to maximize your sales as a reseller, you have to understand the
calendar. I am not talking about knowing how many days are in a particular
month; I am talking about understanding the retail calendar. It’s important to
understand how major retailers operate, knowing when they promote when they
discount and how these factors influence your sales. Independent entrepreneurs
with a firm grasp on this retail calendar will have a competitive advantage
because they will know when to ride the sales wave and when to start scaling
back on those seasonal items. Let’s take a closer month by month look at the
retail calendar.

This is a big month for retailers to start pushing hard on the previous year’s
inventory of housewares and bedding
and bath
items. If you want to
play it safe, push out your inventory late December. Want to try and ride the
sales wave? Start discounting early January and then transition over to spring/summer
inventory at the end of the month. Pro Seller Tip- January is one of the
best months to sell athletic apparel either men’s or Women’s remember all those new year’s resolutions to get
in shape.

Winter outerwear like men’s and women’s coats
are discounted and pushed out as the spring/summer inventory starts to arrive.
Be sure to start winding down your fall/winter items this month and start
thinking about spring.

Retailers are now in full gear spring mode, expect to see heavy discounts on
any travel gear like luggage as the new year’s inventory arrives this month.
Independent retailers should transition over this month to spring/summer merchandise.

Seller Purchasing Tip – This is a great time to stock up on the best of the
best winter outerwear liquidation. Look for lots with those high dollar
outerwear items that sell at a premium no matter the season. Check out
our men’s coat and women’s coat categories
for these items.

April- Retailers push hard on categories like kitchenware, Jewelry, and Men’s
and women’s formalwear this
month in anticipation of wedding and graduation season. Seasonal categories
like swimwear also
begin to kick into high gear this month so stock up now.

Look for retailers to start the first wave of spring/summer apparel sales this
month, remember most of these goods have now been on the shelves since early

Apparel categories like intimates, swimwear and athletic apparel both men’s and women’s are red hot this month.

the summer may have just started, but it’s time to start pushing back to school
think categories like children’s clothing.

Wrap up your sales on swimwear this month and transition your focus to
fall/winter apparel.

Cash in on those last minute back to school sales on categories like children’s clothing and
young adult categories like men’s urban and women’s

fall/winter bedding items are beginning to peak as are the sales
of holiday décor items
so be ready for the increased demand. Pro Seller Tip- Load up on inventory this
month and frequently replenish as we get closer to the peak holiday

Winter is here, time to ramp up on the heavy outerwear like jackets and also
the accessories like
scarves and gloves. Categories containing toys and games are also hot this
month in anticipation of the holidays, look for these items in our general merchandise category.

all-hands-on-deck this month as every category should be flying out the door.
Throttle back on holiday-related items by about the second week of the month
but expect healthy sales on every other category well into the new

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