The waiting is the hardest part

Tom Petty
said it best “The waiting is the hardest part.” You placed your order but now
you are wondering what’s going on and when you will get the order, so let’s go
over the process what happens and when it happens.

  • Order is placed- It’s important to note that your order does not begin
    to be processed until payment is received in full, so remember the sooner the
    payment is made the quicker we can begin working on it. Method of payment may also cause a delay, for
    example credit card payments are typically received same day Paypal may vary
    depending on your account limit, hold on payment of up to two days are common. Bank
    deposits are mostly available same day, domestic wires normally take 1 business
    day while international payments 2 business days. Once payment is received in
    full, you will receive an email confirmation that your order is now awaiting
  • Order is picked and packed- Normally this involves picking the order
    assuring it is inspected, palletized, shrink wrapped and tagged with shipping
    tags and paperwork. Normally this takes between 1 to 2 business days.
  • Order is loaded- Your order is loaded onto a tractor trailer for freight
    company processing your shipment. Depending on the volume of outgoing orders
    this can take between 1-2 days to completely fill the outgoing trailer.
  • Trailer is picked up- Once the trailer is packed and ready to go, the
    carrier is called and trailer pickup is requested. Freight company picks up the trailer and
    transports it to the terminal this process typically takes 1-2 days.
  • Order arrives at a terminal- Order arrives at a FedEx or UPS terminal
    for sorting, at this point your order is scanned by the carrier and becomes
    traceable online. At this point you will receive an email confirmation that the
    order has shipped and will receive details including the carrier and the
    tracking number.
  • Order ships to your local facility- order is next shipped to a terminal
    responsible for processing orders to your geographical area. If the order is
    going to a residential address you will receive a call from the carrier requesting
    to schedule the delivery appointment. If
    the address is commercial, the carrier will not schedule and will attempt a
    delivery during regular business hours. Please keep this in mind if the order is
    going to a commercial address.
  • Order
    is delivered- Order arrives yay! But wait are you prepared to receive the
    order? Check out our blog entry on receiving your order it covers the basics from receiving
    it to properly processing and inspecting your merchandise.  

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