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visitors to foxliquidation are often left wondering where do I begin? It’s a
common concern, with dozens of categories and thousands of lots to choose from
it can be quite daunting to know where to start. We have covered in our
tutorial videos some of the most frequently asked questions which can be
found here,
but for the first time we have compiled these videos into one easy to navigate
article we are calling the video guide to Foxliquidation its a written/video
guide to everything you need to know about buying your liquidation goods from

Liquidation offers high-quality name brand
goods including Women’s, Men’s and children’s clothing to housewares,
kitchenware, general merchandise and more. We specialize in leading name brand
merchandise sourced from leading retailers in the United States that your
customers demand. For a quick overview of see our FAQ videos
for your crash course in liquidation. part 1, part 2, part 3.

that you know what Foxliquidation has to offer go ahead and create an
. Once your account
is setup start exploring the site a bit. You’re probably wondering about some
of the liquidation
and the
different categories of condition so let’s look at the difference
between shelf pulls and customer returns
and here for
a deeper look at customer return condition merchandise.

familiarize yourself with our Manifests and our wholesale lot filter an invaluable tool in lot selection. This is also a
great time to set up your inventory alerts you can edit or fine tune your
inventory alerts
any time, so you never have to worry about missing out on that lot that’s
perfect for your business.

some advice on what to sell? Or want to know more about a specific category?
Check out our video on hot selling categories and our category videos.

Ladies Swimwear

Closeout Ladies Plus Size

Mens clothing

Mens and Ladies Sport


Health and Beauty

Non-Apparel Categories

Designer Handbags

Ladies Shoes

Mens Shoes



Ladies Designer

Mens Designer

common question before your first purchase is, are there product restrictions
of any kind? Like what you can sell and where you can sell it? There are two
brands with resale restrictions you need to know about and understand before
your first purchase Coach and Ralph Lauren. Next, let’s look at how to pay for
your purchases
now you are all set and Ready to place your first order. If you want to start out small why not try one of
our small wholesale
. Interested in one of
our standard lots but wondering about the shipping costs? Request a
shipping quote
once you’re ready to buy big learn more about saving big on shipping costs
by consolidating
and location selection
Now that you have placed your order and your purchase is on its way let’s look
at how to receive your
and what to do if
there is a problem
General questions about the goods you received such as what are these tags and what do they mean, are also answered as well as
looking at some essential tools
of the trade
you will
need for your business.

but not least your success is our success that’s why we also offer advice on
such topics as picking the right lot locating those hidden gems to running a successful e-commerce business, tips for improving your online sales, how to minimize returns from your customers, and also how to push out
those slow-selling
. not
only offers quality liquidated name brand merchandise but also seeks to inform
and educate our customers about retail and the liquidation industry. Our primary purpose is to give our clients the tools they
need to succeed. 

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