The problem with pickup

We get this
question all the time, can I pick up my order? The answer is yes, but… The real question is, does it make
financial sense to pick up and in most cases the answer is no.

So when can
you pick up? Pick up is available for orders of $5k or greater and orders of 5
or more pallets and there are a few Important guide lines that must be
observed. First and foremost, please
don’t clean out your SUV or pickup truck and drive to the warehouse to pick up
your order. These warehouses are setup for tractor trailers. Trailers are
loaded from loading docks with forklifts, pallet jacks and other heavy equipment.
Loading an SUV, truck or van requires
breaking up pallets and loading them from the ground level which Is not supported.

So what sort
of wheels do you need? a commercial vehicle that is loading dock accessible is
required for pick up. As a note, loading
dock height should be between 48-52 inches. If you own, lease or just want to
rent a truck and it meets these requirements, pickup is fine. You may also arrange
for a third party carrier.

Last but not
least, an appointment for pickup must be requested. We will respond with
appointment number, date and 1-hour window for the pickup. Please make sure
that you are punctual, otherwise you run the risk of being turned away and charged
a rescheduling fee. Note, if your vehicle does not meet the pickup
requirement described above, you will be turned away and charged a rescheduling
fee. Also note, if you do not have assigned appointment number at pick up, you
will be turned away by security and will be assessed a rescheduling fee.

In most cases
it is not practical or cost effective to do a pickup even if you are located
near the warehouse. After you rent a
truck, fill it up with gas you may be in for more than the shipping cost. Normally local deliveries are much cheaper
than the cost of renting a truck and gas.

So before you
request a pickup make sure that you have all your ducks in a row and make sure
that you have met all of the above requirements before proceeding. We don’t
like turning away customers because they have not followed the instructions and
we have had multiple instances where customers were turned away due to vehicles
that did not meet the requirements, being late due to traffic or not having
required information.

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