The most common questions of the first-time reseller answered.

Ready to start selling liquidation
merchandise? If so, great you have come to the right place, and we have the
tools and merchandise you need to get your business started on the right foot. In our last blog entry we talked
about how you can get answers to those important questions you may have about
buying and reselling liquidation merchandise, and today we are going to
continue on this theme and this time answer some of the most common questions
of the first time reseller.

What should I sell?- Often aspiring
entrepreneurs will have a great business idea, the tools, and know how to get
their business established but be stumped by one simple question like what
should I sell? With a plethora of categories and options, it can sometimes be
tough to decide. What I usually advise is if you are uncertain, sell something
you are passionate about. The reason being is that it takes time and effort to
establish your business and if you are excited about what you are selling it
will inspire you to give it that extra effort needed to get your business
established. Love handbags? Sell handbags. Shoes more your thing? sell those!
You will be amazed just how much useful information you already have about
selling your merchandise by just having that passion for the items you sell.

How much inventory do I need?- Now
for novice resellers, it’s not uncommon to wonder just how much inventory you
will need and while there is no simple answer to this question keep this in
mind. Your goal is to rapidly build up a sizable amount of inventory and to
have it continually selling generating steady cash flow. What’s a healthy
amount for a start as an online retailer? Several hundred units, brick and mortar
retailer? Several thousand, anything less than this you will not be able to
establish that constant flow of sales your business needs to grow.

Where do I sell?- Anywhere you can!
It’s that simple do not rule out any possible sales avenue for your merchandise.
Online(eBay, Poshmark, Facebook, Amazon and more), traditional brick and mortar
and if you don’t have a physical storefront find someone that does that offers
consignment. With spring approaching think about informal channels like flea
markets, festivals, and yard sales. Be willing and able to give any options a
try; there is nothing better than to have multiple sales channels for your

When is the right time to start?-
the adage, “there’s no time like the present” is your answer. You are ready,
and now is the right time to start, how do I know this? Because you’re here
reading this post. Don’t let your doubts paralyze you, the time to act is right

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