The fundamental habits of highly effective online sellers

What are some of the keys to
running a successful online business from the comfort of your home? They are
surprisingly easy and low tech, a lot of it is pretty basic stuff, but the
tricky part is not the knowing, it’s the doing part that can be difficult. This
week we are going back to the basics and looking at some fundamentals to focus
on to succeed as an online seller.

Have a dedicated workspace and actually work there
Have a clean, neat, comfortable and dedicated workspace and do your work there.
This is important because you’re going to need to spend a lot of time listing
and posting products so make sure it’s a healthy work environment. Something as
basic as having a comfortable chair can make a world of difference and can keep
you from getting that itch to get up and do something else less productive.
Resist that temptation to pick-up your laptop and park in front of the TV, it’s
just going to slow you down instead go to your workspace and focus your efforts
on the task at hand.

Establish a regular schedule– This may not be your full-time
job, but it could be… so to achieve your goal you need to treat it just like
your full-time job. Establish a regular schedule, it could be an hour or two
each morning before work if you’re an early bird or two hours each night after
dinner. Set your schedule and stick to it! 15 minutes here and there can feel
like you’re productive, but ultimately it’s not going to get you far. This is a
job just like any other but the great part about this job is that your success
is 100% determined by you and your efforts.

Prioritize by making a list– are you taking pictures, posting
items and packing up sales all at the same time? Well, don’t you are just
spinning your wheels tackle each task one at a time and prioritize by making a
list and cross off those tasks as you go along. It’s important to plan ahead,
make your daily list but also think about those long-term goals. Longer term
goals are important for your growth as a business set yourself some long-term
goals like sales goals or listings goals and do your best to achieve them.

Set Goals/divide and conquer – it is important to set
achievable goals. Break your large “impossible” tasks into smaller manageable
targets, type of targets that you can cross off on daily basis. This will give
you a sense of accomplishment and ultimately progress you to finish what you
set out to do. It is too easy to give on large overwhelming tasks. Don’t give
up! Be methodical and consistent, you
will be amazed what you can achieve!

Time management skills are important
once you have your priorities in place, next manage these tasks and set aside
time to accomplish each of them. Remember there is a lot to do if your spending
all your time on a single aspect of your online business, it’s easy to neglect
another important aspect. Prioritize and then manage your time accordingly.

Avoid distractions– Working from the comfort of your
home is great but there are also tons of distractions that can easily take you
off course. Avoid these distractions by going to your workspace and give it
your undivided attention. Mute or turn off your phone, stay off Facebook or
other distracting social media and tell the kids to play outside because you
have work to do.

Getting tired of staring at that computer screen reward yourself– It
may seem childish, but this does work for big kids as well. That to-do list of
priorities after you have been diligently working for a couple of hours and
have crossed off some of those tasks on your list reward yourself with a quick
break, get up and stretch your legs and do something else you enjoy, you have
earned it.

Follow these basic steps, and you
will have created a strong foundation for your success. 

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