The fast and furious changes at eBay

If you haven’t noticed eBay has been on quite a tear this
year rolling out a lot of updates and policy changes so you can be forgiven for
missing a few of these. Traditionally eBay would only roll these out twice a year
in their spring and fall seller updates but this year we have seen a pretty
drastic move away from this model. In a lot of ways this is a positive break
with tradition after all if something is broken or needs improvement do you
really want them to only make these adjustments twice a year? So what exactly
has been going on and what do you need to be aware of?

Promoted listings expanding to single items- When eBay
initially rolled out the promoted listing option this was exclusively for
multiple item listings Now it’s moving out to those single items as well. This
is a great way to promote those single high dollar items you need to attract
more eyeballs to in order to clinch that sale.

Pricing guidance– This is a nice little feature found under
the growth tab which enables you to get real time pricing guidance on where
your merchandise stands in comparison to your competitors as well as providing
information on trends in pricing.

Pay now!– So it seems that eBay is as fed up with deadbeats
as most sellers are. They have been making some tweaks to payment forcing buyers
in a lot of instances to confirm and pay immediately. Getting paid faster yea
that’s a change I can really get behind!

Best offer option- eBay has also been tweaking its best
offer option a bit in an attempt to increase the dialog with that potential

No revision without product identifiers– Starting this month
you will no longer be able to revise or relist an item without a product
identifier this will also roll out to good till canceled listings the following
month. eBay has been putting a great
deal of emphasis on this recently with good reason. UPC’s and other unique
product identifiers are essential for consumers doing comparison shopping not
to mention their importance to search engines.

Keep it on the site– We saw eBay address this to a limited
extent back in the spring but it sounds like they are taking it a step further
now by starting to hand out 1 week bans for infringement I.e. taking the sale
off the site. What do you do if a customer suggests a sale off the site?
Politely decline and keep that transaction on eBay it’s not worth the
aggravation of a potential short term ban plus you have zero recourse if there
turns out to be an issue with the transaction.

What else is coming down the pipeline? Well we have heard
rumors of image recognition but more than that who can say, but chances are we
will hear about it more than twice a year in future. 

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