Summer sales meh this month? Try a flea market!

Summer sales
meh this month? Getting tired of staring at that computer screen all day? Need
to get out of the house and maybe get some sun? Well maybe it’s time to get out
and do a flea market or swap meet. Ok you may be saying, are you nuts? But
consider for a moment making several hundred to thousand dollars depending on
where, when and what your selling in a matter of a few hours? Now that I have
your attention consider the advantages rapid cash sales, minimal work apart
from setup and breakdown, no photographing or tedious posting best of all no
computer screen to stare at! You might ask well what do I sell and the answer
is it depends. Want fast, painless and easy? Try selling jewelry, light and
easy to transport all you would need are display cases to show off your wares.
Are you located on or near a beach community? How about swimsuits? Again it
really depends on what you want to sell you can definitely succeed with any
category of merchandise as long as the merchandise is a good fit for the venue.
What follows are just a few pointers on deciding where to sell and what you
need and can expect selling at flea markets.

1.Do your homework– There are thousands of weekly flea
markets all around the country so there is bound to be a few to choose from in
your area but be selective. Scout them out in advance do a bit of shopping and
look at the items being offered for sale is your merchandise a good fit with
the other vendors? Are your prices competitive with other vendors? Where are
the best spots? How early do they start? How much are spaces? All these
questions should be answered before setting up.

2.Be prepared with the right supplies– Depending on the venue you may or
may not need folding tables. Even if tables are provided bring extra most
venues charge by the table so the more you bring the less you will have to pay
for and you can never have too much display space. Have a fold up canopy? If
not it’s definitely recommended. Bring supplies like bags or small boxes for
jewelry packing materials for fragile items. Really important, bring a lot of
small bills for making change be sure you know what you brought so there’s no
confusion as to what you made. Last a few essentials like pens, pencils some
snacks and bottled water and some folding chairs remember you will most likely
be there for several hours so make sure you are comfortable.

3.Team up whenever possible– Have a spouse or a friend that you
don’t get to spend enough time with? Well bring them along its always best to
have help at a flea market an extra set of eyes and hands are really invaluable
if you get busy and need help making change or bagging up purchases and most
importantly for the unavoidable bathroom break.

4.Price your merchandise– this may seem like a no brainer but
if you have ever attended a flea market you will know that a lot of vendors
will not price their items. People can and will walk away if you are busy with
another customer and they have to ask a price. Psychologically customers may
also feel that you are just sizing them up if there are no prices and seeing
how much that you can get out of them for an item. Make sure to add a bit of a
pad for the hagglers we will go into this in the next point.

5.Be prepared to haggle– Yes they are at every flea market or
swap meet the hagglers. Be prepared to negotiate even for very small dollar
items. Remember to add a bit of wiggle room so you are able to negotiate
without losing your shirt on selling a shirt. Also do not be afraid to say no,
if they are really persistent chances are even if you say no you can still
close the sale with a bit of a price break.

6.Bring a good mix of price points– If at all possible bring a good mix
of merchandise at varying price points some impulse items middle of the road
and a few high end items. Yes you can sell a few hundred dollar purse easily
depending on the market.

7.Bundling– A great way to entice a potential
buyer to reach a bit deeper into the wallet or purse is to bundle buy two items
get $5 off or 3 for $20, be creative and create a deal to attract attention and
make some sales.

8.Be cool- It can be hectic especially when
setting up if you have never done one before, but don’t worry you will be
surprised how quickly you will get into the swing of things. Don’t get
flustered if you get busy, it happens people will come in waves busy for a few
and quiet the next so take it all in strides.   

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