Stay in shape by staying active! the same applies to online retail!

Stop me if you have heard
this one before, if you want to stay fit and in shape, you have to stay active!
This rule of thumb to a healthy lifestyle also applies surprisingly well to
your sales as an online retailer. If you think about it for a minute it makes
perfect sense, the more items you post on a daily basis the more likely you are
to make a sale and your chances only increase with each additional listing.
Now, what is not immediately apparent, because it’s not an openly advertised
fact, but many sales platforms actually penalize sellers for inactivity. Now we
are not saying sites are actively preventing you from making a sale, they are
just decreasing the likelihood of you making that sale. Want an example? Take
eBay and its search engine Cassini. Cassini grades their search results for any
given shopper’s search based on a multitude of factors. One of these is
obviously the best match for the shopper needs, but it’s also grading those
sellers competing for that sale. Sellers’s with good sales, great feedback and
lots of active listings are going to appear at the top of the search. Sellers
with lower activity but overall good stats might find themselves smack dab in
the middle of the search. You may have the best match for the item and the best
price and still not close the sale because your stats put you somewhere smack
dab in the middle of the search. Frustrating right? But there is a solution to
this particular problem, and it goes back to the premise of the article to stay
active! In addition to posting daily, there are other actions you can take to
beat the Cassini search bias on eBay. Have a thousand listings posted already
but slow sales? Try these things.

Unsold listings sell similar instead of relisting.

Raise or lower pricing on multiple items.

Try auction vs. buy it now on multiple items.

4. Replace poor images on your listings.

5. Leave feedback.

6. Respond to emails promptly.

7. Accept those reasonable
or best offers.

the primary goal should be to keep posting on a consistent basis and to do
this; you need to keep buying high-quality name brand products from Our most successful clients understand the importance
of keeping their sales growing by purchasing liquidation merchandise on a
consistent basis(remember our post on casting a wide e-commerce net?) either monthly
or bi-weekly depending on your sales volume. Do this in conjunction with making
those suggested changes to your current catalog of merchandise, and you will
significantly increase your sales. In other words, keep your selling in shape
by keeping your account active!

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