So why sell Liquidation Merchandise?

Let’s address the
elephant in the room, why sell liquidation merchandise in the first place? Good
question and it needs to be addressed from a few different perspectives.

First time home business

you’re thinking about
starting your own E-Commerce home based business and exploring your options, why
consider liquidation merchandise?

Well for starters if
you are interested in selling merchandise on sites like Amazon, Ebay, Poshmark
or Bonanza consumers are looking for quality brand name merchandise at an
affordable price. But where do I go to get this stuff?? Well why not start with
a wholesale liquidator like We have a wide array of quality
name brand merchandise at 70-95% off retail our prices are just a fraction of traditional wholesalers. Low prices and quality merchandise allows you
to maximize your profits. With a wide array of price points starting at just a few
hundred dollars your initial investment does not have to break the bank. The
low price points affords you a degree of flexibility about what you want to
specialize in which may change as your business grows.

Small business owner

So you have been
successfully selling online for some time and are tired of running yourself
ragged looking for new merchandise. Maybe you load up at your local retailer
whenever there is a sale or perhaps you have picked up some small lots of
merchandise from other liquidators in the past but the prices were high or the
merchandise was not what you expected. Why kill yourself wasting time when you
can do it from the comfort of your home?

But what makes
different from other liquidators?

Believe me we have heard all the horror stories from our clients. They stopped answering my calls when they lost my
shipment, sold me no-name knockoff handbags or sent me different lots from the
ones I ordered.

Many wholesale
liquidators offer what we would call “mystery lots” for example 35 handbags at
a cost of $1200 but it turns out the only mystery is why someone would want
these in the first place.

there is no mystery as to what you are getting because all of our merchandise
is from major national retailers and our lots are fully manifested with name
brand, size, color UPC and all the other pertinent details you need to make an
informed purchase.

Brick and mortar retailer

Don’t think you can
compete with the internet on price point? Well guess again! At 70-95% off
retail you sure can compete and another benefit to brick and mortar store, every
day is a free shipping day. Perhaps you’re looking to add a particular category
of merchandise to your existing product mix. Maybe you’re a women’s boutique
and you keep seeing a husband or boyfriend being dragged along. Why not give them something to look at while
their significant other is shopping?


Say you are a clothing
distributor in Latin America specializing in designer clothes and accessories,
selling to an array of small and large retailers. You are currently buying
direct from the manufacturer at wholesale cost but the margins are just not
what they used to be. With strong dollar your margins keep shrinking and you
need to get high quality name brand merchandise that your clients are
demanding. Why pay wholesale prices when you can get the same quality goods at
a fraction of the cost from Foxliquidation? Supplement your offerings with FoxLiquidation
your last stop for great liquidation merchandise.  

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