So what’s the story with Coach handbags??

So you may have noticed that our handbag and
designer handbags categories have a notice about Coach Handbags and their
resale. As such, please note that we
require a Coach purchasing agreement signed prior to purchasing lots containing
Coach handbags.
So what is the story?? The story is Coach is cracking down
on online sales and export sales. Coach handbags can now only be sold via
traditional brick and mortar outlets. But what is the reason behind this
decision? It’s all about the brand and preserving its value. Coach’s brand has
been taking a beating some of the injuries were self-inflicted but many as a
result of changes in consumer purchasing habits and the massive market of
designer knockoffs. Coach can’t deny that they made some missteps pricing
structures meant to widen their appeal, have only succeeded in watering down
the brand and with increased competition in the same category from brands like
Michael Kors and Kate Spade its only aggravating the situation further. Throw
into the mix the booming market of designer knockoffs and you get a multitude
of headwinds dragging down this well-established luxury brand. So what can and
is Coach doing to turn this ship around? Well for starters bringing in new
designers, adding edgier products to widen their appeal (what you didn’t get
the $1500 leather Mickey Mouse Doll?) but also restricting access. Limiting
access gives them a greater degree of control on their product line, how it is
presented and more importantly what it is sold for. The handbag industry is in
the midst of a sea change from changes in consumer demand as well. The new
handbag every month is out and the quality handbag is in. Consumers are going
longer between purchases and deciding to go with better quality rather than
quantity. When the answer is no longer sell more bags the only alternative is
sell less bags at a better profit.  

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