So what should you be selling in 2019?

Welcome to our annual what hot category spotlight where we take
a closer look at some of our top performing categories of liquidation
merchandise and give you the dirt on what you should be buying for resale in
2019. This is a must-read for any would-be sellers looking to get into the game
or for any veteran sellers looking for some fresh ideas. So without further ado
here are our top category picks for 2019.

Handbag/wallets & Designer Purses– after a few years of
relatively flat sales these two categories have come back in a big way, and
it’s partially due to the cyclical nature of the handbag market. Consumers are
generally paying more for higher end bags and holding onto them longer choosing
quality over quantity. Tariff fears have also put pressure on already tight
supplies, so be sure to move quickly to secure your goods epically in advance
of this years all critical 4th quarter.

Click here for Handbag/wallets or
click here for Designer Purse

Men’s Designer & Urban Designer– Men know what they want and
what they want is designer apparel. Men are spending some serious bucks these
days to look their best, and this is not a passing trend. Go deep on high-end
designer labels and focus on casual because this is just what guys these days

Click here for Men’s Designer or
click here for Urban Designer

Ladies Designer/ High-End Designer– Demand remains strong for
Ladies Designer and High-End Designer fashion in 2019. Again, it’s a case of
quality over quantity as consumers are giving the cold shoulder to the fast
fashion names and electing to splurge instead on some better quality pieces.

Click here for Ladies Designer or
click here for High End Designer

Ladies plus size– A perennial favorite, plus size continues to
enjoy a strong demand with profitable margins. Remember with plus size go for
those lots with large quantities of 3x and 4x sizes these are some of the sizes
in most demand. Retailers tend to keep smaller amounts of these on hand, making
them more desirable. With the continuing shrinkage of leading brick and mortar
chains which specialize in plus size, expect to see further growth in the
secondary market.

Click here for Ladies Plus Size

Men’s and Ladies sport– Bad news if you’re not into the
athleisure look it’s not going anywhere! In fact, it’s only getting worse, but
this is a good thing if you are selling it! Brands that were riding high in the
’90s like Fila and Champion who invented the athleisure look are back in a big
way. Even Polo is getting in on the action with the revival of their Polo Sport
line you can read all about it here.
Demand for this category is still growing, and supplies are limited, so do not
wait to get in on the athletic apparel movement.

Click here for mens sport or
click here Ladies Sport

Ladies intimates– This is one of those perfect categories for
any type of seller beginner or pro. It has so many upsides like high demand,
great margins easy to store and ship and is never out of season. One other
reason to sell intimates that is commonly overlooked is that as a category,
it’s uncommon for them to be heavily discounted in the retail world. Remember,
bras are fairly complicated garments and somewhat challenging to manufacture
hence their high cost. Selling liquidated merchandise puts you one foot ahead
of most of your competition.

Click here for Ladies Intimates

Swimwear– There still some time to cash in this year on the ever
popular swimwear category. Although spring of 2019 was a wet one throughout
most of the country according to long term weather forecast’s July and August
are expected to be perfect beach weather months, and unusually warm
temperatures are projected to last well into the fall. Expect some late-season
sales this year as beachgoers try to squeeze some more summer fun into the
beginning of fall.

Click here for Ladies Swimwear

Every category of goods at Foxliquidation is a winner, but these
are just a few of our favorite picks.

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