So what should you be selling in 2018?

Do not procrastinate!
Even though we are halfway through the holiday season you need to start
planning ahead for 2018. Have you been thinking about changing up your product
mix next year or perhaps expanding your offerings but are debating on what
direction to go? We are always here to help, so here’s some of our top
performing categories that you should consider trying out in 2018.

Men’s clothing- let’s get past that men don’t buy clothing
cliché, they do they just don’t like the shopping experience. Men know what
they want and it’s all about getting it over with. Get in, get what they want
and get out. So online shopping is the perfect solution for men trying to avoid
the brick and mortar shopping aggravation. If you sell online, you should
consider casual men’s wear. It’s a strong performing category turnover is fast and
margins are healthy. Don’t overlook our men’s shirt category as well these lots
contain all the essentials like socks and underwear that are always needed.

Ladies plus size- Always a top performing category, plus
size has the perfect combination of strong demand and healthy margins. With
plus size lots those unusual sizes are actually a big advantage where they
might not be in other categories. Don’t avoid a lot because its loaded up with
3x and 4x sizes these are some of the most desirable, remember retailers keep
smaller quantities on these on hand making them scarce and also desirable.

Men’s and Women’s sport- everyone makes the same new year’s
resolution and 2018 is just weeks away… what’s the resolution? For most people,
it’s lose weight and get in shape! January is a great time to get into sportswear,
keep in mind that most people wear these items not only to train in the gym but
also to bum on the couch on a weekend. Demand for this category is very strong
and lots go quick so if you see the lot you like pounce on it.

Swimwear- Summer may seem like a long long way off right now,
but it will be here sooner than you think. Lots of people love taking that
vacation mid-winter to their favorite tropical getaway and need a swimsuit,
plus there are plenty of places like California where it’s always swimsuit
season. The season really begins around March so now is a good time to do your
homework and maybe try out a few lots to test the waters so to speak.

Ladies intimates- This is a good category for a couple of
reasons, for starters you can get a lot of merchandise for a small initial per
unit investment. Second it’s easy to store so if limited space is a concern
it’s a good option. Third it’s easy to pack and ship, its light too so you’re
not going to get killed on shipping fees if you offer free shipping.

Men’s and Women’s winter coats- Now this last one is very
season specific but if you’re a savvy seller buying at just the right time you
can net yourself a tidy profit. So come January most retailers are thinking
about spring and dumping their winter items fast. Typically, you will see these
coats start pouring in towards the middle of January. The trick here is to grab
these up and turn them fast, you have 2 to 3 months to move them before the
demand dry’s up. Another great reason to try this strategy is you see a lot of
high dollar, high demand items in these lots. Sell just a few of these items
and the rest of the lot is pure profit.

There simply is no wrong category if your buying from the
right place like Foxliquidation.

As always, we recommend that you become
intimately familiar with merchandise you sell.
This knowledge will give you a competitive advantage and increase your

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