Sick of security tags?

Yes so are we! They may help discourage theft but they are a
pain in the bottom line to liquidation. While we do our best to assure that our
merchandise is tag free we do unfortunately miss a few of these pesky tags. So
what are your options? Well you have a few options one is get yourself a tag
detacher now which detacher is right for your needs? Well to handle all of the
tags you can potentially encounter we do recommend purchasing all three
detachers. A picture is worth a thousand words so we have paired up each
detacher with the tags it removes for reference.
Cost $175
Cost $65
Cost $80

 Don’t feel like buying one or all of these detachers? 

two borrow the detachers from us. Fox Liquidation will loan our tag detachers
for a period of two weeks for a small refundable deposit. Option 3 is return
the tagged merchandise to us for tag removal this is a free service but you
would be responsible for the return shipping.

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