Shopping for liquidation merchandise? Utilize these useful tools

When your shopping for
liquidation merchandise you want as many tools at your disposal as possible to
make a well-informed purchasing decision. That’s why in addition to having all
of our lots fully manifested we have a wide array of invaluable tools to help
you select the lot that’s right for your business. Today let’s look at a few of
the commonly overlooked tools that can make your buying decision a whole lot

What’s the deal with this buy this
item link?
– At first glance, most just assume that the buy this item link
embedded in our manifests is for retail purchases. Don’t worry it’s not it’s
simply a price comparison tool. Resellers can determine what the current market
price is for that item on Amazon by clicking on that link. Pretty important to
know what that item is selling for on the world’s largest online retailer don’t
you think?

Don’t you have any pictures?– why yes
we do! Stock images are available for many of the items within our lots. Once
you have created an account and logged in, open a lot and scroll
down to the manifest portion. You should now see the items in the UPC
column highlighted in red. Place your mouse pointer on any of these UPC’s and
the image will now appear.

Wholesale lots filter’s advanced
– You have probably performed a search or two using the wholesale lot
filter before, check off the condition, type, season, location, and category
and hit that search button. But do you know about using that drop-down menu
right below the filter? You can use this to search for lots by newest or oldest
lots, lowest or highest unit price, lowest or highest percentage of retail,
lowest or highest lot price and finally lowest or highest retail price.
Think about how you can use these to speed up your search. Maybe your
shopping for lots of men’s clothing with mostly high dollar items, then select
highest unit price and add this option to your search. Or perhaps you are on a
tight budget this month but need to get some merchandise in and selling so
simply select lowest lot price to see the most economical options first.

Let’s sum it up with the summary
– buried beneath each manifest is another commonly overlooked tool that
can make your decision to buy or not buy any given lot a whole lot easier. The
summary table is just what it sounds like it tells you exactly how many of any
given brand is in that lot as well as the size mix for that given brand. You
know your top brands the ones your customers are always looking for just scroll
down to that summary table and in an instant, you can determine if the lot is
right for you by reviewing the summary table.


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