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You have probably heard this a hundred times save the
environment, buy local or go green but this blog is about a different type of
green. We are going to show you how you
can keep more of your green by buying local. Shipping costs, the bane of your bottom line,
while it will not make or break your business, it’s still an important factor
in maximizing your profits. Let’s do a
brief comparison of shipping costs to show you how buying local is far more
cost effective. Let’s say that you are
looking to purchase a bedding lot, you are based in Annapolis, MD and you found
a lot in our Joppa MD location perfect! But now let’s take a look at this same
lot if it were coming from another location.

Table showing shipping cost from different warehouses to Annapolis, MD.   Clearly showing that local warehouse has the cheapest shipping cost, yielding the best savings.

Bedding sheets shelf
pull 77 Units 1 Pallet
$1,185.20 208 Pounds $132.54 $140.89 $169.11 $157.46 $170.05 $200.09 $198.06 $205.52 $279.57 $397.77

Seems pretty reasonable for an in state shipment right? Not
too bad coming from a state or two over? Now it starts getting pretty expensive
if it’s coming cross country. Each extra dollar you are paying for shipping
means another dollar that you have to add to the cost of your inventory. With a
small 77 unit lot like this it’s a difference of adding $1.72 per item to your
cost best case scenario to worst case from CA of a whopping $5.16 per

Now you may wonder what else I can do to keep these costs down
well there are lots of things. See a lot
of designer purses or perhaps a swimwear lot that’s one or two boxes and weighs
less than 150 pounds? That’s a perfect candidate for ground shipping greatly
reducing your costs. The following categories frequently have lots of one to
two boxes under 150 pounds that can be shipped ground service.

Designer handbags

Women’s Swimwear


Men’s Designer

Do we ever offer free shipping? Well yes, as a matter of
fact we do offer free shipping on select lots during promotional periods. To
receive free shipping on qualifying lots, you order has to be from the same
location and $4k or greater. Most of
the time free shipping is offered from OH, MO and IL facilities. If you are
ever interested in seeing what’s available please don’t hesitate to call
1-888-808-4934 or email
for more details.

Need a lot at a low flat cost? Or you need a lot in a hurry
or simply interested in trying out a different category? Then why not try out one
of our zero defect small
. These lots offer a low flat rate and ship next business day.

So the next time you start shopping for a lot remember hold
onto that green by buying local.

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